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  1. Re: The everlasting powerful / memorable / funny movie quote thread...

    I know it was you, Fredo!
  2. Re: Study concludes shuttered football program at UAB made money

    By the stated accounting logic, it doesn't cost anything to educate anybody.

    So everybody should get free tuition at UAB.

    Right? :conf3:
  3. Re: Love Her Or Hate Her, Hillary Has A Major Problem -- And So Do Lots Of Others

    Good one! You got me.

    Yes, I did mean Scott Walker. He is alive, but I no longer think he'll be the nominee.
  4. Re: Love Her Or Hate Her, Hillary Has A Major Problem -- And So Do Lots Of Others

    Yeah, the Tea Party could actually serve a useful purpose by being the attack dogs, yet uniting behind the mainstream candidate. But like you, I'm not sure they have that kind of thought process in...
  5. Love Her Or Hate Her, Hillary Has A Major Problem -- And So Do Lots Of Others

    Hillary Clinton has a major problem. Her credibility is being impugned by not just the Fox network (expected), but the Washington Post and the NYT.

    Her problem is that, while the Fox folks have...
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    Re: Favorite players from your childhood

    Johnny Musso. All time favorite player ever, bar none. I was on the earth, but too young to appreciate Lee Roy or even really Namath.

    John Hannah. To this day, I love to watch the OL so much...
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    Re: Is Hillary A Lock?

    The Bunny Ranch....Hillary....there's a difference, other than price?

    I considered blue font, but decided the question wasn't sarcastic. But then I freely admit bias.

    For a more objective...
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    Re: Ranking SEC coaching jobs

    Not just the order, but the point distribution is fascinating.

    The consensus is that Alabama wins by a neck, with Florida, Georgia and LSU essentially tied for second.

    After that, a big gap to...
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    Re: Am I missing the A-Day Game Thread?

    I was there yesterday. Here are my impressions:

    QB -- It's either Coker or Cornwell starting. Both are inconsistent, but it seemed to me that Coker takes care of the ball better. Barnett is the...
  10. Re: 2017 Najee Harris Commits to the Tide

    I'd love to have a player of his caliber, and hope he sticks.

    But it's two years out, home is 2,500 miles from Tuscaloosa, the west coast schools will hammer the distance and culture angles, and...
  11. Re: Forecast for Saturday Improving -- a Little

    As of 9:40 Saturday morning, Weather Channel shows 0% chance of rain through 3:00. From there it does increase, but doesn't crack 50% until 7:00.

    I'm in Tuscaloosa right now. It's cloudy, but...
  12. News Article: Re: Jameis Winston Civil Suit - Chickens Come Home

    So is the financial status of the defendant determined at the date of filing, or at the date of determination?

    I have a reasonable layman's familiarity with how bankruptcy works in the commercial...
  13. Forecast for Saturday Improving -- a Little

    Checked Weather Channel hourly forecast for Tuscaloosa. As of 10:30 AM Friday, the forecast for kickoff time has 35-40% chance of rain. Still a good chance in late afternoon / early evening.
  14. Re: Gameday Tents, Quad tailgate spots, major price increase

    Amen to that. So long as we field teams where a 10-win season is a disappointment, you'll see continuing demand. The adrenaline rush after watching a win in the stadium, especially a big one, is a...
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    Re: Is Hillary A Lock?

    With all respect to your memory, SBTF, I'm sure you also recall that Ross Perot cost George Bush I re-election.

    That, and some recession numbers, later "corrected" after the election to show...
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