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    Re: Wifi at Bryant Denny

    As reported over the summer, there was an upgrade over the off-season that improved cell coverage in the stadium. It has been much better the last two weeks than in past years.
  2. Re: Brian Vogler wins the Charlie Compton Award.

    Amen to that. How awesome. Good job, Brian!
  3. Re: Anyone Need a Good Laugh?? - Ridiculous Aubie Article

    This poster that commented to the article says it well... I am looking for the Tide to Roll!
  4. Re: Brennan: Heisman could use a winner like AJ McCarron

    I loved how the article was ended, "He certainly doesn't need the Heisman, but it sure needs him". AJ=Class act. Roll Tide!
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    Link: Re: Iron Bowl 2008: The Day the Streak Died

    You are correct. It was the game that Siran came back with his little girl and got the crowd pumped up. Wasn't it also that game that Sara Evans sang the National Anthem? She did an awesome job. ...
  6. Question: Re: What will be the Bama playcalling to start the game?

    Like most are saying, no way Coach Saban defers. We will want to get the ball and go up first. I expect us to be aggressive to try to get up and quiet the crowd down. Let's start early and never...
  7. Re: Ponder this theory for possible total pandemonium for the next two weeks....

    Agreed. Roll Tide!
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    Re: Thank you Seniors! Senior Day.

    So thankful to this class. What a great run. My favorite has always been CJ. I have been totally impressed by both his play and his attitude on and off the field. And then this year he stepped up...
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    Re: Vote for AJ as Lowes Sr Class Award

  10. Thread: Grey uniforms

    by 78Alum

    Re: Grey uniforms

    No, No, a thousand times No!
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    Re: Article on Kevin Norwood

    Awesome article. Thanks for posting. Man, are we going to miss him next year.
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    Re: Coach Saban & AJ bond....

    Absolutely. I couldn't agree more. Will definitely miss him next year. Looking forward to his last 3 games... RTR1
  13. Question: Re: Is everybody going to stay the entire game tomorrow??

    I always stay for the end... I never want to miss anything. Why go to a game and then leave early and miss something. I wait all year for the season. Why would I miss a minute of it? Blowouts...
  14. Re: Anyone going to the last home game? (Chattanooga)

    Will be there. Hard to believe that we are already up to the last home game. The season is going by much too fast. Enjoying this run... RTR!
  15. Re: On youtube today I found this - Collect Call to Shug

    I remember that from when it came out. One of the funniest things ever... Love it.
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