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    Link: Re: Mark and Brian Iron Bowl I-95 Radio

    Reckon who the dude was they got on there during iron bowl week that always talked about bourbon in the morning. Had a real deep voice, if I remember?
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    Re: Gatlinburg is burning

    Which probably means mud slides...
  3. Link: Re: This is interesting. The EMDrive seems to work.

    Wouldn't an opposite reaction be...just the action? :wink:
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    Re: Plain Trouble on "Da Plains" (all AU posts here)

    JJ hasn't taken a snap at practice all year...his practice has consisted of nothing but bama film. He's finally gotten our D down pat. :biggrin:
  5. Re: Anyone else getting a good chuckle from Hillary voters today?

    Their "safe place".
  6. Re: Question about legal fan practices (LSU phone gimmick on Saturday)

    I understand what yall are saying...but if the barn's big screen tv lights don't affect the game, I don't see how the strobes would. I notice it more than any other during their night games.
  7. Re: Kevin Sumlin Contacted the SEC About the Mack Wilson Hit

    Its a contact sport where men can get hurt. If you don't wanna get hit, might wanna find another sport. They all know the chances they're taking.

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  8. Re: Kevin Sumlin Contacted the SEC About the Mack Wilson Hit

    Omg, do you watch bama games??

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  9. Re: How Alabama 'keeps defenses guessing' with interesting wrinkles

    A genius would have run the ball for td's inside the 20 those first 2 possessions.
  10. Re: How Alabama 'keeps defenses guessing' with interesting wrinkles

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    New sewell-thomas

    Went down yesterday for a double header my son was playing in. Was my first time to visit the baseball stadium. Don't know how the old sewell-Thomas was, but I loved the new one! Was so much...
  12. Re: Bo should give kid a high-five (interview with the kid on the receiving end of TD

    Can't believe we didn't get penalized. Kinda like JP Wilson getting the unsportsmanlike at lswho that year...for holding his hand to his ear like making a call. They really do hold Bama players to...
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    Re: Officiating across college football

    I mentioned the Holcombe play on fb. It's not a "hit out of bounds", if the runner hasn't stepped out of bounds! Someone mentioned earlier that the official made an assumption. Don't call what you...
  14. Re: Whiny Bret Bielema: "I've Been Guaranteed We'll Never See that Official Again"

    I actually thought there was sec league policy about coaches commenting on officiating?
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    Re: Pick the score: Kentucky vs. Alabama

    Neg ghost rider. I think the game will be fairly close. #2 qb leaving and 56's arrest aren't distractions and clutter? I mean, I hope I'm wrong and we put 40 on em. Just a feeling I have.
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