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  1. Re: ESPN is going hard for the Buckeyes to be included in the playoff

    I don't know why Ohio state wants to be humiliated anymore. Just wait till after NC game and then gripe. They can't run with the BIG dogs
  2. Question: Re: Opinions on how lon Lane Kiffin stays put?

    Can't see a big time program going after coach Kiffin at this time. Another year and we'll see
  3. Re: ACC Commissioner John Swofford Already Calling for 8 Team Playoff

    Dandy idea
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    Re: Auburn vs Ole Miss

    Not wanting to shy away from competition BUT if we win out and the barn doesn't get lucky AGAIN we don't have to play in SEC championship to get to final 4. Now we do, worried about more injuries....
  5. Re: Adam Griffith Dealing with 'Physical Problem' That's Impacting Practice Routine

    Is the drop kick still a legal play????
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    Re: 3 Way Tie in SEC West!

    Lmao. Always pull against the viles. Soooooooo, I got this
  7. Re: Bo Pelini suggests Ole Miss dirty in its recruiting tactics

    My how the Huskers have fallen since Osborne
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    Re: Got To Give A Roll Tide To Vandy!

    Keeps the SEC streak of 7 straight finals intact.
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    Link: Re: Julio's little shack in Georgia

    Just WOW. He has earned, good job Julio
  10. Poll: Re: Your "Most Appreciated" Saban National Championship Team

    I didn't see a choice for the Next One :)
  11. Link: Re: Miami (FL) in Talks to Play Alabama or LSU

    oh yeah. This thread got hi jacked right after the thread was opened.
  12. Link: Re: Are spring games like "A Day" going by the wayside? (Link)

    Why not scrimmage another team?
  13. Re: An observation about Auburn fans and the Alabama/Auburn relationship.

    We don't have to base our entire existence around them like they do us, but still, they are our biggest rival. It's not tennessee. It didn't suddenly change to LSU just because Saban came from there....
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    Re: New BCS rankings released...

    Even if we did lose to the barn, I'd say we stay in the bcs hunt.BUT Bama not losing, so let's get that crap out of our head. Roll tide
  15. Link: Re: Ohio State wide receiver says Buckeyes would 'wipe the field' with Alabama and FS

    They have to get in the national media some. A little silly of him tho
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