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    Re: FSU RB listed as associate in assault case

    Yep. You are right. Best strategy, which has worked well for the Criminoles, is just decline to speak.
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    Re: Why American Jews eat Chinese at Christmas

    Went to McDonalds in London in 1986 when I was in the USAF Reserves. Ordered a plain burger with tea. Got a meat patty on a bun with butter on it. Tea was hot tea. What the...
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    Re: Bejing almost uninhabitable

    AUDub probably has one of these. Cajun, you know us libtards don't use fur! PETA.
  4. Re: Rainbow City Nativity Scene, anyone here live there?

    You didn't specify a place or time my oenophile sommelier wannabe.

    I think your earlier post about criteria for who may display on public property is the solution. Seems simple enough.
  5. Re: Rainbow City Nativity Scene, anyone here live there?

  6. Re: trent richardson pro rush information please

    Sunday the entire Colts team rushed for a grand total of one yard. Pitiful.
  7. Game Thread Re: ****Official Game Thread - Bama vs. Appy State****

    Good news is that we won a close game. Good production from the big men. Roll Tide!
  8. Re: Tonight will be the longest night ever - Happy Winter Solstice from the coven

    Remember VJ, do not hold the lit end of the candle!:D

    I'm going to run naked carrying a mistletoe branch around the miniature Stonehenge I built in the back yard. No sacrifices this year. Last...
  9. Re: I'm Going To Watch #1 Class 3A Madison County play tonight

    Sorry for the late reply. No I went to the old Butler High in Huntsville. My soon graduated from MCHS in 2008. I was involved in the basketball and soccer programs. I moved out to Maysville in...
  10. Re: The 'religion of pieces' - 145 (mostly children) killed in Pakisatani school

    The Afghan Taliban has condemned the Pakistani student killings as "un-islamic". There are different Taliban groups. Much like the old communist countries they are not monolithic in ideology.
  11. Re: The 'religion of pieces' - 126 (mostly children) killed in Pakisatani school

    I find that funny in spite of myself! :biggrin:
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    Question: Re: The Sony cyber attack, what say you.

    Come on, Chanson you know that bombing North Korea is the answer! Yellow Belly :)
  13. Thread: Cuba

    by seebell

    Re: Cuba

    We got a little more than that. Please pass that on to Bob.

    In exchange for the Grossís release, the U.S. released the three remaining...
  14. Thread: Cuba

    by seebell

    Re: Cuba

    Picture of Reb in tin foil hat is not accurate. He wouldn't hold a cat. He is known as the Cat Assassin. A paucity of cat's in his neighborhood.
  15. Re: Make donations to Obama campaign, have VISA reinstated

    Any congressman can do the same thing to keep their favorites in the good ole USA. It stinks. Nice to be a member of the elite and I guess money really does talk.
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