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  1. Re: be sure and catch the new Derrick thomas documentary on tonight at 8

    Let's don't turn this into a "bash Bill Curry" thread. He was an excellent salesman, but not as good a head coach. He did hire some really good associates that he trusted. What he did not do,...
  2. Re: Does Bama Takeaway UGA's Run Game or Pass Game First?

    Yep...still love that game.
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    News Article: Why I love college athletics!

    For every bad situation we read about, there are many, many more good ones -- and this is no different. I know it is Clemson -- but it is also about Dabo and will make you pull for them...maybe! I...
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    Re: Rise of the Four-Hour College game

    I would bet the games in the late 60's -- when we were pass happy with Scott Hunter -- were pretty long as well. I know I sat through several hot sessions at Legion Field.
  5. Re: Does Bama Takeaway UGA's Run Game or Pass Game First?

    Take away the run with 6 and have 5 defending the pass...winning formula. :)
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    Re: Pick the score: Georgia vs. Alabama

    27-24 Bama -- with my heart and not my head...:cool: I will be flying to Hawaii during the game, so can someone feel despondent during the game for me? I know the team will miss me...:)
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    Re: Offense out of sync ....

    I thought that but the d this week played really hard. I think we are getting a lot of young players used to carrying the load. And Earle may be right...don't see the fire in LK or NS. LK really...
  8. Re: Mississippi Coast Ole Miss Fan Reaction And Comments

    Thanks for sharing...
  9. Re: We Can Still Win The National Title (Snapshot of Where We Are)

    Wow...looks good through "rose-colored glasses." :)
  10. Re: We Can Still Win The National Title (Snapshot of Where We Are)

    If anyone really believes that this team can win the SEC then I want some of what you're drinking....This team has severe weaknesses that no amount of coaching can cover up. It's been 5 years since...
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    Re: The good, the bad and the ugly... Ole Miss

    The Good -- no quit...the drive by Coker to win is outstanding. We did not give up and almost pulled out an unbelievable win against a really, really good team.
    The Bad -- turnovers and bad breaks....
  12. Game Thread Re: OFFICIAL Game Thread - Bama vs. Ole Miss (ESPN 8:15 CDT)...

    Try lots of ketchup...:)
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    Game Thread Re: #7 Georgia v. South Carolina (ESPN)

    UGA has 549 total yards...
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    Game Thread Re: Official Pre-Game Thread - Bama v. Ole Miss...

    Then I have no clue!!! :)
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    Game Thread Re: #18 Auburn at #13 LSU (CBS)

    LOL! Post of the day so far...
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