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  1. Re: Georgia WR Mitchell explains what itís like to get trucked by Alabamaís Ragland

    I'm not sure what word you meant to use, but I really hope is wasn't, "erotic."
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    Re: 1993 Sugar Bowl Post-Game Coverage

    At the core, it was the same logic that leads to Baylor and TCU being anointed today.

    Lots of offense. Lacking defense, especially against smashmouth philosophies. Lots of media with calluses on...
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    Georgia Personal Fouls

    In all the uproar over the pre-game taunting, I haven't seen any comment on the slew of personal fouls.

    There were at least three late hits (two on Henry), a facemask on a punt return on a...
  4. Re: Official Pre-Game Thread - Bama v. UGA...

    On the way. About 20 miles from Athens. Going to be a long wet day. Hope it's a happy wet at 7:30.
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    Link: Re: Clever idea gone wrong...

    .01? Wow. And I thought the Italians with .05 were strict.

    Norway must have one powerful cabbie lobby.
  6. Re: Does Bama Takeaway UGA's Run Game or Pass Game First?


    Hope you're right, but I think it's a game premature for that level of confidence.

    In any event, my phrasing could have been better. The idea I was trying to convey is that if UGA runs on...
  7. Re: Does Bama Takeaway UGA's Run Game or Pass Game First?

    We know for a fact Chubb can beat us. We don't know that about Lambert.

    Take the ground game away first, make them one-dimensional, then worry about passing.
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    Re: Plain Trouble on "Da Plains"

    I think the barn's dufficulty shows just how QB-centric that offense is.

    If they still had Nick Marshall running it, I think they'd be far more successful. He wasn't a great QB in the classic...
  9. Re: Bill Clinton's Incredibly Short Memory

    SBTF, I don't think Bill Clinton has a short memory.

    I think he's banking on the general public having a short memory -- which is usually a good assumption.
  10. Re: Need help......

    There were previous night games at what was then just Denny Stadium. Lights had been in place for some time.

    This was the first televised night game at Denny Stadium. Thus the previously-cited...
  11. Re: Does anyone cry easier than Boehner?

    Dick Vermiel.
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    Re: Plain Trouble on "Da Plains"

    I have to believe the media hyped Johnson because Malzahn did so to them.

    He had one half of performance, plus a small amount of mop-up time, and every ink-stained wretch and talking head has him...
  13. Re: I actually feel better about this Alabama team after the game

    The sky isn't falling. But all is not well, either.

    The talking heads, panicked Alabama fans, and the fan bases of all who wish us ill (pretty much all other fanbases) are trumpeting OM's 341...
  14. Re: Tim Brando: Nick Saban Retiring to the Broadcast Booth Good for the Game

    Agreed. I think he'd be a hoot to have a beer with.

    And I know he's a lightning rod for some, but Gary Danielson is my favorite announcer. Even with Verne...who I think of as the lovable, but...
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    Re: Dixieland Delight???

    I agree, with a strong emphasis on the "well-placed" part.

    That includes the entire context -- the circumstances, who's within earshot, why, etc. Used properly, it can be highly motivating. ...
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