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  1. Re: *** 2016 OL Chris Owens (Texas) Commits to Alabama ***

    Yeehaw! This ole boy is a road grader from what I hear.
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    Re: Barn's new locker room

    No comparison.....We win..(as usual):biggrin:
  3. Re: I think we're in the midst of an unprecedented streak.

    Most Universities would be happy with a 10 win season 2-3 years in a row...but to do it 7 years inna row is amazing. Especially in the SEC.
  4. Link: Re: Alabama All-Access: Behind the Scenes at Crimson Tide's A-Day

    Good article!
  5. Re: Let's Enjoy It, TideFans! A Plea for a more Positive Attitude!

    I agree...been thinking same thing for a while, glad someone posted it.
  6. Re: The D has dominated the Spring. How would you feel if the O came alive at A-Day?

    The D has dominated probably because it's the most talented/deep we've had on the LOS since Saban had become coach here. And they've got a year or more of experience under their belt. These guys are...
  7. Link: Re: Reporters Get a Common Answer When Asking Veteran Players Which Young Guy Stands

    I said in a few threads back I thought he had a good chance of starting as a freshman...guy's just that good.
  8. Re: Alabama cornerback Cyrus Jones played through serious hip injury all of last seas

    I hope he does, we sure need him to.
  9. Re: Looks like we're playing Arkansas for Homecoming

    Arky scares me dude, I looked at who they had returning and their roster, and their only gonna be better than last year.
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    Re: Bill Battle on replacing Nick Saban

    That had to of been said out of jest....if so,!
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    Link: Re: Coach AJ Address Football Team

    Dang, got me fire up! I hope he does the same for the bball team as well as our boys on the gridiron.
  12. News Article: Re: OJ Howard Indicates a Faster Alabama Offense in 2015

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    Re: CBS best HC ranking

    Incredible....we are truly blessed to have him as our HC.
  14. Re: Notable performers during Alabama's spring Testing

    Wow!...10 feet six inches?? Wow!!....and 4.5 secs on the 40 for a 6'3 guy is Wow also..
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    Prayers for my father in law

    Found out he has cancer in his lungs, liver and in his colon...he is being treated by chemo but we really don't know how long he actually has. I'm not sure on his Salvation, I mean he believes in...
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