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  1. Re: The University has asked for media silence on practice

    Why even let the media in if you don't want them reporting anything? This seems very strange.
  2. Re: "cheating website" Ashley Madison hacked, 36 Million users to be outed

    Artur Davis' name was found, although I'm not familiar with that site or how legit (or not) it may be.
  3. Re: 92-year-old woman kicked out of church for not tithing

    I'm not a member of the Highlands but I have been to the church a few times. My sister has been a member for years and loves it, she even just finished going through their "Highlands College". I...
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    Re: Ferguson - Part II

    Looks like half the people in that line were white, they looking for street cred or something?

    Why aren't these people being arrested? I have no problem with peaceful protests but, blocking an...
  5. News Article: Re: Alabama senate proposes bill to have Auburn claim 9 titles

    I didn't realize that it took a state bill to claim titles. Who knew?

    Personally, I could care less what AU claims and part of me would like them to claim more, that way they lose the excuse to...
  6. Re: Simple Solution To The Alabama Budget. Go Fund Me!

    A new site to add to my firewall's blacklist.

    They already steal enough of my money, I'm not going to voluntarily throw more at them.
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    Arian Foster goes public as a non-believer

    No evidence at all, really? You can find your facts, I can find mine.

    Does that 100% prove,...
  8. Yet Another Black Teenager Killed by Police

    I don't think she has a good point at all. I'm just not going to give the benefit of the doubt to the criminal. I'll side with the cop until more evidence surfaces to prove that he was in the wrong....
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    Arian Foster goes public as a non-believer

    Those of you who question the reliability and accuracy of the Bible, do you also do the same for other ancient texts like the Iliad? If you don't then maybe you should because, there is far more...
  10. Re: Yet Another Black Teenager Killed by Police

    What if he tried to subdue him first? What if the criminal went after his gun?

    We don't know what really happened. Rookie or not, shooting this criminal may have been his last resort.

    I just...
  11. Yet Another Black Teenager Killed by Police

    Imo, that video shows a criminal up to no good but, until we know more about this "altercation" then none of us can really pass any judgement on the officer. If the "altercation" was that this...
  12. Re: Transgendered Teen upset that other boys won't flirt with him....

    Here is what this brave new generation must pass to a person of interest in their class:

    Will you go out with me?

    Yes or No

    Frank or Bun

    (Please circle all that...
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    Re: Stadium Replica

    Here is an actual image of the product from the TideFans and stores, since the images on the product pages are just computer renderings. This is not my image, just found it online.
  14. Re: How would you describe President Obama in one word?

  15. Re: Are Trolls Winning Battle for Internet? Former Reddit CEO Thinks So

    It's not that trolls are winning, it's that you normal people are invading our territory. We nerdy bbs trolls were the first users of the internet (back when it was just DOS like text), y'all are...
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