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    Re: 2016 WR Keith Gavin

    This kid is BIG TIME. Strong, physical WR with great hands. Would be a huge, huge pick up.
  2. Re: We have the first college game of the year tomorrow (North Dakota State)

    What an odd time to play a game, on a FRIDAY afternoon.
  3. Re: 2017 Athlete Dylan Moses has decommitted from LSU

    He's insanely talented on both sides of the ball but seems maybe a smidge more talented on defense. Just my 2 cents, not that it matters what I think.
  4. Re: Ohio State Suspends Four Players for Season Opener Against Va Tech

    As if this matters. They're going to beat the living poop out of Virginia Tech. Grand Canyon sized talent differential between OSU and VT. If VT can hold OSU under 60 points, I'll be surprised.
  5. Thread: 2016 RB's?

    by Braveheart

    Re: 2016 RB's?

    I'm no expert but Devin White (RB-LB out of Louisiana) comes to mind. 6', 260 lbs has been electronically clocked at 4.55 in the 40. Runs like he's angry. Very, very impressive. Could also be a real...
  6. Re: Tight End Miller Forristall Commits to Alabama ***

    I watched video of this kid and he's MASSIVELY under rated at 3 stars. I read somewhere he reminds us a little of Jimmy Graham. If he can put on about 20 lbs, I can see it. Very athletic and very...
  7. Re: ILB Jaquan Yulee

    All of them.
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    Re: Did Bama and the barn both pass on Pass?

    I think it was a matter of Pass waiting too long. You snooze, you lose. I think he's a fine QB but it won't be at Bama. My guess is it'll be UNC, which sucks for him because they're probably going on...
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    Re: RB Damian Harris?

    Either hasn't arrived yet or the roster hasn't been updated yet. I wouldn't worry about it.
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    Re: '16 AL OLB Lyndell Wilson

    This kid is an absolute stud. Really hope Bama can land him, Ben Davis and Jaquan Yulee out of Virginia. That would be an incredible haul and make the basis for the next generation of great LBs at...
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    Re: Incoming Freshman

    Josh McMillon and Minkak Fitzpatrick have moved in.
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    Re: "Experts" rank the best SEC college towns

    I TOTALLY don't get Oxford being so high on the list. The only thing Oxford has going for it is hordes and hordes of good looking women. There is NOTHING and I do mean NOTHING to do there.
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    Re: what are we recruiting Devin White as?

    Hopefully as a RB. He runs like he's angry and he's HUGE.
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    Question: Re: Kiffin's final year with the Tide?

    I suspect if Alabama has another really good year, he'll probably leave. Remember, he's married with small children still on the West coast. That's gotta be really hard. I do think he'll probably get...
  15. Interesting comment on about Blake Barnett

    I know, you should take what you read on the "internets" with a grain of salt, but I was reading on about the QBs and they made the statement that Blake Barnett looks as good or...
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