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  1. Re: Good, bad, and ugly: Bama vs barn edition

    Good: The BEAST Henry!!, Griffith for sweet revenge, Reuben Foster for his huge tackles (revenge to them for being so horrible to him and his family after he changed his mind to sign with Bama)...
  2. Re: Vol Nation is not happy about AJ McCarron's post game twitter

    Isn't this the pot calling the kettle black??? As UT started this whole "red team" thing, right???? Typical ...
  3. FSU and Utes (about to) both bite the dust

    Woohoo! Looks like 2 more go down! Now if Ole Miss would just follow suit sooner rather than later ...
    Of course we need to keep winning! After a tight game today ... playing extremely battered...
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    Re: Michigan St. beats Michigan...WOW!!!

    My heart hurts for the punter though :( ... that is a hard way to lose!
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    Re: USCe opening/Kirby Smart concerns

    Sorry for the confusion ... this board refers to them as USCe and USCw so much ... I just continued the tradition :)
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    USCe (South Carolina) opening/Kirby Smart concerns

    With no surprise, Kirby Smart's name is being thrown around for this opening. As always, I hope we don't lose him. My concern is that this is happening in mid-season. This could be a huge...
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    Re: Contrasting crowd at the game

    Love this!!! :)
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    Re: It appears we'll be back in the top 10

    So where does Ole Miss fall to??? Below us?? I would assume but then the heated debate of having a team ranked above a team that beat them..
  9. Next week has some important matchups

    Obviously our game against UGA is huge!!! We win that game ... we are back in the hunt for sure!
    Saban said we played very conservative by design today ... hoping that is the case! I do think...
  10. Re: Post- Game Thread - Bama vs. LA. Monroe...

    It's a process with a young Offense!!! The reason I am happy is I feel like last week our Offense so many times looked confused and Coker threw passes to receivers that were no where in site or not...
  11. The one series in game that most frustrates me ...

    As many things about the game that frustrates me or baffles me .. for so many reasons ...
    The one thing that makes me most frustrated is when we got the ball back with 3 minutes in the game. With...
  12. Re: Official Post-Game Thread - Bama vs. MTSU

    Let's all take our foot off the panic button !! We do this every year it seems ... the QB's will get it all figured out! Coker showed last week that he has the skill .. just had an off day today. ...
  13. Re: Urban Meyer Not Happy About Playing on Monday Night with Hawaii Game on Saturday

    I can not stop laughing hysterically at this thread!!! Living in this state with these flippin' OSU fans is about to make me lose my mind!!! So sick of Urban Crier and his fans!! This girl hopes...
  14. Re: Texas High School Players target ref for "bad call" WoW!

    This makes me sick!! Absolutely should be kicked off of the team for good!
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    Re: ESPN is almost unwatchable now

    Could not agree more ... I always have DVR'd College Football Final. Loved Rece Davis and Mark May .. Watched it last night and could not stand it! The fact that he did not even put Bama in his Top...
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