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    Re: Mark Richt Fired (per Mark Schlabach)

    Or he could be the next flash in a pan like Gus. One year as a HC at Houston is way too short of a resume to know for sure. He may turn out great, but it'll be a while before we know for sure.
  2. Thread: TCU vs. Baylor

    by BamaSC

    Game Thread TCU vs. Baylor

    Wish I could find a better picture, but these are your players of the game!

    Edit: never mind. Can't seem to post a pic from Twitter. It was the TCU dance team. 39 degrees and raining and...
  3. Report: Kirby Smartís now the front-runner for the South Carolina job

    Another thing hurt Spurrier and SC was after his 3rd 11-win season, SOS said he may only coach 2-3 more years. The recruiting class he was lining up fell apart, some young talent transferred, and...
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    Re: In Defense of Larger Conferences

    I'd rather go with 6 12-team conferences with 2 at-large invites. The conferences would have championship games to avoid Big XII-type tie breakers. This would also allow for the possibility that...
  5. Thread: Fargo

    by BamaSC

    Re: Fargo

    Groovy Bruce as Ronald Reagan. Brilliant! I was worried about season 2. It's hard to beat Billy Bob from season one, but season two has a better overall cast. I'd watch Kirsten Dunst read the...
  6. Question: Re: If Coach Cristobal leaves for the U, who replaces him?

    If South Carolina goes a different direction, what about Shawn Elliot? He's done a good job with not much talent, and is a really high-energy coach. I don't know how good he is at recruiting,...
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    News Article: Would Dabo answer if Mama (Alabama) calls?

    Hard to imagine he wouldn't be on the radar, and probably on the short list. He's had good success at a major program and has a conference championship. Very solid recruiter, the players obviously...
  8. Re: When 2 dumpster fires collide (UGA v. Fambly)

    I'll pull for UGA, but I think the barn wins this one. It just seems like these two are going different directions right now.
  9. Re: If Kiffin leaves, who would you like as Off Coord?

    I've been around here long enough to know you know what you're talking about, but I am kind of surprised by this. I would think Mel Tucker the obvious choice.
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    Re: Top 5 SEC RBs in last 30 years.

    These guys:

    Mark Ingram
    Eddie Lacy
    Shaun Alexander
    Bobby Humphrey
    Derrick Lassic
  11. Re: If Kiffin leaves, who would you like as Off Coord?
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    Re: Monday Night Football: Cam Newton

    That was awesome!
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    Re: Monday Night Football: Cam Newton

    Roman Harper with the pick gives the Panthers the ball in FG range. Gano hits the FG for the win! It was a hard pill to swallow when Cam was drafted by the Panthers. I really couldn't stand the...
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    Pick the score: Alabama vs. LSU

    I think it will be a close, hard-hitting game like most Bama-LSU games lately. IMO, LSU is good enough offensively to put about 21-24 on our defense without any help from us giving them something...
  15. News Article: Re: Frank Beamer to retire at the end of the season

    I always thought of CFB as one of the good guys in coaching. He brought VT from nothing into a very good team and sustained it for a long time. The last few seasons have seen a decline, though, and...
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