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  1. Re: Southern Cal OC Tee Martin: 'Lane (Kiffin) pretty much adopted what we do on offe

    IMO, Kiffin ran variations of the offense at Oakland, USC and UT before he came to Bama. He has made a few tweaks but this is not a new offense. Tee must be confused because it appears he is doing...
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    Re: Newbie poster introduction

    Glad to have you on the site officially!
  3. Re: Longtime ESPN host John Saunders dead at age 61

    Sad to hear this news today.
  4. Re: LSU DL Christian LaCouture Suffers Knee Injury; Season in Doubt

    Agree 100%
  5. Re: Video: Charles Barkley Interviews Nick Saban

    Two men from rival schools that can sit down and have an intelligent conversation. Good stuff!
  6. Re: TSA stops DNC transgendered delegate for "groin anomoly"

    bet that got a rise out of her/him.
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    Re: New forum poster - Hello all

    We are glad to have you on board...well most of us are. :smile:
  8. Re: Former Miss Alabama calls Dallas murderer a martyr

    To paraphrase an old Sunday school song, " red and yellow, black and white everyone is precious in His sight."
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    Re: Pat Summit Passes Away

    CPS was a great coach that put ladies basketball on the map.
  10. News Article: Re: Bill Battle to take a leave of absence to undergo cancer treatment

    May God wrap His loving arms around your family and hold you tight.
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    Re: got hit by a car

    Thankful that you did not have any serious injuries.
  12. Re: Student Tackles Disarms Gunman in Seattle Pacific University Shooting

    Good for him! It would have been nice if two or three other people jumped in and just beat the daylights out of this person trying to kill others.
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    Re: Gator Devours Toddler At Disney World

    Horrible tragedy about this little boy and his family. Hindsight is 20/20 but if you around water in Fl. there is a good chance that a gator can be around. It is not common for a gator to attack a...
  14. Poll: Re: To readmit LSU Fans to posting privileges...

    Hold the reins tight but allow posting. If a rival person can post without being mean or downgrading, everyone deserves a fair chance. Everyone follows the rules or pay the price...Simple!
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    Re: Former DL Byron Holdbrooks Passed Away

    Sad news to hear. Did he move back to Haleyville or was he living somewhere else?
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