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    Re: Coaching staff

    Simon is a nice pickup from Providence (one of the only towns up North I could see myself living at) and getting Lynch would be nice too. Lynch was my favorite player on the '93 UNC title team.
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    Re: 2017 Najee Harris Commits to the Tide

    We can't forget he plays a position that allows him to play early and help fight being homesick. If he was a lineman or something I would worry, but him being a RB and us being known for RB's we...
  3. Re: Former Alabama Player Trevor Lacey Declares for NBA Draft

    Like others have said, he is D-League bound!
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    Re: Appears Ricky Tarrant is Transferring

    Dang man, you need to get out more often or cut the t.v. on:biggrin:
  5. Re: Is your kid sick? (or you know of viruses going around?)

    Sounds like the exact same thing. We got up today and he is kicked back and watching movies. Even said he eat before I got up. Even looks different today. I was definitely going to the E.R. last...
  6. Re: Is your kid sick? (or you know of viruses going around?)

    Yea that is what threw me off, I asked him just before I posted as I remembered to and he said he hasn't been going to the bathroom. So I ruled out the old lady food poisoning him as I figure both...
  7. Re: Anthony Grant Goes Home to Billy Donovan

    At least against us:biggrin:
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    Question: Re: Question about the team this year


    Coming in:
  9. Re: Luke Del Rio Transferring from Oregon State

    Hey man I hear he is the REAL DEAL! Him, Titus Ryan, and Duron Carter are going to light defenses up!!!!
  10. Link: Re: Former Nebraska RB Lawrence Phillips suspected of killing cellmate in prison

    You can blame every single person that babied this moron his whole life. Tom Osborne is the first on the list, what was he did? Choked his girlfriend then played in the bowl game or some crap like...
  11. Is your kid sick? (or you know of viruses going around?)

    Sorry for the crazy headline but I don't know of any other way to put it. I got a call from my wife today (we are still split, but I take him to the doctor as I can get off whenever I want and she...
  12. Re: Anthony Grant Goes Home to Billy Donovan

    I think Billy has that handled:biggrin:
  13. Re: Anthony Grant Goes Home to Billy Donovan

    That's actually not a bad staff. Wouldn't be surprised to see UF make a final four here pretty soon.
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    Re: Dr Lou out at ESPN

    Soooooo glad we don't have to see him anymore.
  15. Re: Father and seven children die from CO poisoning after power is cut off

    Lots of churches and other programs will help. Would be contacting everyone I could.
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