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  1. Re: Kerry says Nuke possible with Iran "If Allah Wills It"

    Congress maybe.
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    Re: GPS told man to drive off bridge

    At Yellowstone, I had a GPS direct me to a one lane dirt road down a mountainside.
    For grins, I followed it, kicking up an enormous cloud of fine dust even at a slow speed.
  3. Link: Re: 'Karate Kid' villain Billy Zabka is still best friends with the Cobra Kais

    Ralph Macchio is now older than Pat Morita was when they made the first Karate Kid movie.
  4. Re: Billionaire claims your life is going to stink

    Creating even more incentive to be corrupt.
  5. Re: Kitty litter mix-up causes nuclear waste explosion

    Oh jeez this litter has biomass.
  6. Re: If restaurant workers were paid at least $15/hour, would your tipping habits chan

    For a humorous but foul language account of a ski lodge salesperson's incompetence and the buyer's over-the-top vengeance, google david thorne gloves
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    Re: Yeah, I laughed
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    Re: Interesting free speech case

    On the other hand, there is a reasonable expectation that the government will not accept or reject applications arbitrarily or in ways that favor certain groups over others. "Don't expect the...
  9. Re: Waitress run over after 4 skip on their meal

    She'd probably run over the restaurant.
  10. Re: Ravens offensive lineman published in a Math journal

    Along with every other bright person in finance.
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    Re: China, rare earth metals, journalism

    The concern over complete outsourcing of critical components of a military supply chain is real.
    Japan invaded Manchuria in 1931 for the natural resources there.
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    Link: Re: Ted Cruz websites

    He would just be shouted down
  13. Re: Rapper Azalea Banks and The Playboy Interview

    Playboy Interview: Frank Sinatra, 1963

    Compare to a white man in the 1960s.
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    Re: Did Texas murder an innocent man?

    I'm not sure if you missed my point or I missed yours, but I'm not interested in the letter next to a candidate's name or the argument for or against the death penalty.

    My question is how in the...
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    Re: Did Texas murder an innocent man?

    How can anyone sincerely state this and still have a chance at election?
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