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  1. Re: Spring Practice Thread (Interviews, Press Conferences, Practice Reports)

    Some of the greatest QBs didn't have the most impressive arm talent, like Joe Montana.
    Release, accuracy and timing can go a long way.

    Bateman seems to have enough arm if the other parts of his...
  2. Re: Evan Mathis is going to the Super Bowl

    Cam has an annoying personality, but is a beast on the football field.

    Congrats to Mathis, but i like the Panthers to win this one, great defense and dual threat Cam on offense.
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    Re: Calvin Ridley & Amari Cooper Comparisons

    Forgetting about the stat comparisons for a minute and just using the "eye test"

    Cooper and Ridley do share some similarities.
    Neither of them are the big physical freaks like Julio was, it's...
  4. Re: Clemson analysis -- Bama had to play the perfect game

    Clemson was good competition, they had a really good team this year.

    However, they didn't beat Alabama and the final score could have easily been 45-33.

    The Clemson beat writers want to pump up...
  5. Thread: 16 ???

    by CRMSNtide

    Re: 16 ???

    The only ones i think about are the ones i experienced as a fan-

    Those old championships that pre date the Bryant era were under different systems and a lot of current Alabama fans...
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    Re: Jake Coker in the NFL

    Jake ended up being one of my favorites of the Saban era, so happy he went out on top as a champ and played very good football down the stretch.

    As far as the NFL, his release could be an issue,...
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    Imagine if Coker had another year.

    I did some calculating and his last 5 games he had-
    1159 yards, 9 TDs, 0 INTs, 72.5% completions and a QB rating of 178.3
    The team averaged 39 points a game during that stretch, even with some non...
  8. Re: Ranking the 16 Bama National Championship Teams

    I barely remember the ones in the late 70s, and i was too young to understand the game like i do now. The Championships of my lifetime are really-1992,2009,2011,2012 and 2015

    1992- This one is so...
  9. Re: The Most Overlooked "Turning Point" of the NC Game

    Yep, after rewatching the game, while we did give up more yards and points than normal, there was some key stops too, right after halftime Clemson went 3 and out and then we went up 21-14 when we got...
  10. Re: Caption this pic: Dabo and Saban and the Onside

    Dabo "but i already told people was going to the White House"
    Saban "only the winners get invited there, sorry"
  11. Re: Thoughts after going back and re-watching the game...

    I think Watson was the best player we have faced this year, how often can a guy run like that and also throw pinpoint passes?
    Usually a QB that is that athletic has bad mechanics or some flaw in...
  12. Re: 2015 Alabama Offense In NCAA Record Books

    I also think Cokers passing yards are 2nd most all time in a single season for a Alabama QB.
    He had a much better season than he gets credit for.

    For the 2nd straight year Kiffin got a lot out of...
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    Re: Dabo Swinney won coach of the year award

    Saban won AP coach of the year in 2003(LSU) and at Bama in 2008.

    He's considered the best in the business, but i guess wining big is just expected of him at this point.
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    Question: Re: Who's your MVP?

    Coker- 16-25 for 335 yards, 2 TDs and no interceptions, 203.0 QB rating.
    The absolute best game of his career while playing in the biggest game of his life.

    Could certainly give it to Howard...
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    Re: Respect for Deshaun Watson

    Yea, haven't watched but bits and pieces of Clemson until tonight, Watson is incredible, great athlete who can throw the ball too, showed poise and toughness.

    I don't think i want to see him...
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