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  1. News Article: Meaningless Bowls Eclipse Very Meaningful Basketball Games NYTimes Article

    I am not a basketball fan. I am not anti...
  2. Question: Does anyone know how many different states Alabama has played a football game in?

    I was just curious if that is a stat anyone has researched?
  3. News Article: Re: Bobby Allsion replica 22 paint job returns for NASCAR race this year

    The day Davey died in 1993 was the end of my passion for NASCAR. I pulled for 88 untill he retired but its never been the same. At least I have always had Bama football.
  4. News Article: Bobby Allsion replica 22 paint job returns for NASCAR race this year
    I didnt know where else to post this, but I am sure there are many Bobby Allison Fans here.

    Bobby drove the 22 Miller High...
  5. Link: Re: Who is the SEC's Biggest Linebacker Factory Over Last Decade?

    How many of them have National Championship rings. To me more important that the nfl.
  6. Link: Re: Naked Woman In Florida Stops Traffic Near Orlando By Masturbating In Front Of A C

    If you think its wild now , go back to the 80's before cell phone cameras. I took my camera one year and had to send the film off to get it developed. The infield at Talladega was like another...
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    News Article: Re: Bentley Admin halts major road project

    I am sure there are plenty of you that recall the wonderful fool of a governor who wouldnt approve funds for Jefferson County to build I65. So we got off and Gardendale and too hiway31 thru downtown...
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    Re: Rolando facing suspension per ESPN

    And my friends ask me why I dont watch NFL football anymore.
  9. Re: just so y'all see the uga nonsense we have to deal with in the offseason

    I stopped delivery of the AJC about 7 years ago. Only 1 of 5 houses on my street takes the paper where as 7 years ago we all did. I do miss the Sunday paper but they will only deliver Fri Sat...
  10. Re: Auburn Football Players Accused of Harassing Veteran and Service Dog

    It made Yahoo's Front Page in sports today. I think this snowball is going to get bigger and bigger if the public gets behind her. They might need to plant a whole bunch of Oaks all around the...
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    Re: Should ISP's offer privacy to it's users?

    I use one now... its called a vpn... Google my ip addresss says I am in Virginia. I pay for it with a filehosting service I use to store my files. Its part of the deal. So how safe am I. If the...
  12. Re: Auburn Football Players Accused of Harassing Veteran and Service Dog

    Do you think that rag of a paper in Bham Called the Birmingham News will post this on the web site. I will be very surprised.
  13. Re: Rece Davis replacing Chris Fowler on College Gameday

    I can tolerate Muffburger. Palmer is god awful. He can shut his gator trap
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    Poll: Re: The Future of Alabama Basketball

    I really didnt know we had a BB thread on this board. I am not being ugly. We wouldnt let a football coach last this long with such a record in the SEC.
  15. Re: DE Byron Cowart Commits to Auburn, But Has Not Yet Signed LOI

    Can you play Son of a Preacherman. opps does that get me fired from the board.
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