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  1. ADMIN NOTE: Re: Profanity on this message board

    My favorite acronym is AUBURN: Alabama Usually Beats Us 'Round November.
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    Re: 2011 NC Coke cans Warning

    That happened to me, too! Ruined a few books that were underneath them.
  3. Re: And once again, we control our destiny! (thank you Baylor and Stanford)

    I bet not many people can say that they were present at the game last week and this week to watch the #1 team in the nation fall. My husband and I made the trek from Waco to Tuscaloosa last week...
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    Re: Baylor up 31 -24 with just over a quarter to play......

    Wow! I posted earlier this year that Bama and Baylor are my two favorite teams. What an incredible night to see my Baylor Bears beat Oklahoma for the first time ever AND to help keep Bama's NC hopes...
  5. Re: Baylor QB's Stats To Date Are The Most Amazing I've Ever Seen-Unbelievable

    I've never posted on this site, although I love following it daily. I was born a huge Alabama fan as my dad went to school there and taught there as well, but I attended Baylor University. I have...
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