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  1. Re: Jameis Winston signed 340 autographs for dealer...

    OMG, Jimbo is all-in. Everyone is misguided except Jameis.
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    Re: Jimbo Fisher is unbelievable...

    I don't understand how Jimbo can be so resolute in his defense of Winston. He said he spoke Jameis and he said he did not do it. Jameis has also told them that he had not done other things which it...
  3. Re: Jameis Winston signed 340 autographs for dealer...

    If they lose to ND tomorrow, I wouldn't be surprised if they tell him to move on or hang him out to dry because they no longer need him since they will be out of the play-off race.
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    Re: AJ's comment on the team (Very interesting)

    I don't think it will happen anytime soon. You have to remember that this a couple who agreed to do a reality tv show the first year of their marriage.

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  5. Oregon, Alabama, and Oklahoma all go down.

    And #8 UCLA lost to unranked Utah. The committe should just disregard this week's games.

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  6. Re: Dantonio has lost my respect - Playoff Comments

    I agree with all of the comments above. They want to institute a conference championship criteria to qualify for the playoffs but they make exceptions for Notre Damn who doesn't bother to join a...
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    Re: Is Henry our best back. ?

    I commented on that too today. After DeAndrew's fumble, he was right back in the game on the next series.
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    Re: Is Henry our best back. ?

    Many times I see the exact opposite with Henry. He seems to run very tentatively. It was very apparent in the first half today. Then midway through the 3rd quarter he seemed to be. Different type...
  9. Link: Re: Jameis Winston suspended 1st half vs Clemson

    What people seem to forget is that Jameis and Manziel were both redshirt freshmen. They had been on campus and on their football teams for two years when they won the Heisman. They were sophomores...
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    Game Thread Re: ****Bama vs. WVU - 2nd Half****

    I wonder if the are also taking a page out of Les Miles' book? Only their defensive players are going down which lets the players catch their breath and interrupts any rhythm that we have.
  11. Re: Barrett Jones has Back Surgery; may miss all of 2014 season

    Sorry to hear that. i hope he has a full recovery. I read an article last week where a sports writer was criticizing his lack of effort during preseason and thought that this did not sound like the...
  12. Re: Urban Meyer's Wife on the SEC, Florida Fans.

    So, basically Urban is exactly who we thought he was. Thanks for confirming Mrs. Meyer.
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    Re: SEC Network Links and news

    I heard a commercial on the radio in Chattanooga today that EPB (Electric Power Board) would be carrying the SEC network beginning next month. Looks like all of the pieces are falling into place.
  14. Re: New Book Claims Texas Offered Coach Saban $100 Million

    Our sales tax is about the same as Alabama's. I think the property taxes are comparable, too. Tennessee does not have ad valorem tax on autos either.
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    Re: Oklahoma goes the multi-uniform route.

    The styles are somewhat similar but they look very different. Penn State took a minimalist approach to the collar on their jersey. It doesn't distract from the overall look. It looks like v-neck...
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