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    News Article: Re: 2016 Pre-Season All-Mack Team

    It slipped through the news cycle almost unnoticed. Weird given the caliber of player he is. He's a great lb for modern football. If he was playing I'd agree with you. Thanks for the work you do, I...
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    News Article: Re: 2016 Pre-Season All-Mack Team

    Skai Moore is out for the year. Cocks lost their only star.

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  3. Re: DA ops not to press charges on Cam and Hootie...

    It's really all officer discretion. They could factor in where it was located in the car and decide to charge a specific person or they could charge everyone. The da could end up bringing charges...
  4. Link: Re: SEC Film Room to Break Down Championship Game

    Thanks RTR, I'll probably be watching this several times.
  5. Re: Spring Practice Thread (Interviews, Press Conferences, Practice Reports)

    His high school tape is awesome. Seems very athletic and is absolutely crushing people.
  6. Re: Spring Practice Thread (Interviews, Press Conferences, Practice Reports)

    That's always been my thought. Saban has said multiple times he wants everyone to prepare like they are starting but it doesn't happen. He was talking about Bozeman filling in for Kelly mid game vs...
  7. Re: Where would you rank the onside kick among the best plays in Alabama history?

    So many great plays. The screen pass to yeldon was one of the most excited single moments I've ever had. I literally screamed yes at the top of my lungs 30 times in a row. I think it was because it...
  8. Re: Alabama: Don't be shocked to see them win it all again.

    2010 to me was as much about injuries as it was the schedule. Almost all of of our star players had injuries at some point in the year. Ingram, Julio, dareus, Upshaw, carpenter, vlachos, trent,...
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    Re: USC DT Kenny Bigelow Tears ACL; Likely Out for Season

    Hate it for the kid. I think we are going to crush usc. They have top talent still but don't have depth and don't have the trenches covered. Their talent is all at skill positions.

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  10. Re: Former Bama linebacker Upshaw signs with the Falcons

    Happy to hear it. Definitely will get to see him play still.

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  11. Link: Re: Trent Richardson Signs with Ravens (Update: Not Just Yet)

    Really enjoyed the article. I hope he turns it around. Maybe he needed to be broken down first to realize his full potential.

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  12. Re: In First Two Practices, Rashaan Evans has Impressed in Spring Experiment

    Him blitzing up the middle with his closing speed would be terrifying to a QB. I really hope he can transition to be an every down player. He has tremendous natural ability as a pass rusher and on...
  13. Question: Re: Favorite Game From The 2015 Season? (ANY EXCEPT TITLE GAME!)

    1. Uga cause I was at the game and my seats were under cover. Got to watch the uga fans walk out soaked in droves.

    2. Michigan st, absolutely crushed a top program on a huge stage.

    3. Lsu...
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    Re: Bama Returns 5 of Its Top 6 Sack Leaders

    If some guys on the dline step up next year's defense will be tremendous. To me the lb and dB groups will be elite.

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  15. Re: Mel Kiper thinks Reuben Foster is a better prospect than Reggie Ragland

    As Selma mentioned he said he would retire if Jimmy Clausen didn't end up as a starting qb. I have many memories this year of Ragland running down very athletic guys to the edge. There's absolutely...
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