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  1. Re: ***How NSD will work here on*** (PLEASE READ)

    I think "Someone" is not committed to The Process
  2. Re: Yahoo Sources: NCAA to formally charge Mississippi with rules violations

    best quote ever!!!!!!
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    Re: Just for fun: hashtag #bamafanproblems

    Well done! I had to share with my friends in Oxford.
  4. Re: AU Season Ticket Holders Get Survey of Multiple Renderings of North Endzone Upgra

    It would be truthful to call this "The House that Saban Built". Look no further than the SEC Network. All these schools have to find a way to spend the $40 million they get each year.
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    Re: SEC Championship Game Goodie Bag


    This has my Ole Sis friends in an UPROAR! I asked them if they gave out rings for participation in being 1st alternate to the SEC Championship Game. HA!!
  6. Re: Alabama Going After Shea Patterson One Last Time

    I thought that the Ole Miss Brown Bears hired his brother as a coach. If so, I am surprised that we would waste time with him. Maybe we just are so strong on the recruiting trail that we feel like...
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    Re: SEC Championship Game Goodie Bag

    I got several for my Ole Miss friends since I don't expect them to ever get to the SEC Championship Game.
  8. Question: Re: When will we get a Flyover at Bryant Denny?

    So I think that we all want flyovers, what or whom is keeping it from happening?
  9. Question: When will we get a Flyover at Bryant Denny?

    The F-16 Flyover was so cool at Jordan Hare. They came in low and LOUD! I cannot remember the last time we had a flyover. I think that the best was several years ago when we had a B-52 come in...
  10. Question: Re: If Coach Cristobal leaves for the U, who replaces him?

    Not even in Blue Text is that suggestion allowed!!!!!
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    Free Dixieland Delight

    The students are mad as can be that we are no longer playing Dixieland Delight. I realize that they are saying bad words, but the students are pretty vocal in their displeasure and I think it is...
  12. Re: The "Let's Complain About the Stadium Experience" Thread

    I have a daughter at the University, so I can speak with some inside knowledge. The student body is ....ed off that Dixieland Delight is banned. As she said, "we are sick and tired of Jump Around...
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    Re: Trouble on Rocky Top

    Try living in Memphis surrounded by the Ole Miss faithful. According to them, the "Rebals" need to leave the SEC and go straight to the NFL so that they can teach the Green Bay Packers a lesson or...
  14. Re: Mississippi Coast Ole Miss Fan Reaction And Comments

    You need to move to Memphis. Up here they are convinced that they won by 85 points, there is no such rule as lineman downfield, the fluke play was planned and practiced, they definitely want out of...
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    Re: Prayers for Kerry Goode

    Thoughts and Prayers going up for you and your family.
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