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    Re: Huge shout out to Adam Griffith

    5 for 5 and they were not chip shots. He is Money II.
  2. Re: Derek Henry not on the list at website...

    Hello, My name is Inigo Montoya. Vote for Derek Henny or prepare to die.
  3. Re: Gilberto caught doing random act of kindness

    Not only is he a nice guy, he's one heck of an accordion player.
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    Link: Re: Where will Chip Kelly coach next season?

    I doubt the Eagles will fire Chip, but they won't stand in his way if he wants to go back to the NCAA. I think he will be relieved of his GM duties or be closely chaperoned if he remains GM next...
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    Re: Pick the score: Alabama vs. Auburn

    48-7 Tide
  6. Re: Gus Malzahn says Auburn 'should have put 60' on Alabama in 2014

    This year's remark from Gus will be "we should have put 60 yards on Alabama"
  7. Re: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly CSU styile

    G: easy win, no injuries
    B: last game in BDS for the seniors (the seasons always go by too fast)
    U: What it is going to be for Awbarn next week.
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    Re: Did CSU play to win the game?

    It was an odd situation. I imagine CSU did little to prepare for this game. I'm sure there staff was studying their potential opponents for the playoffs this past week. They were not looking to...
  9. Re: The process of refugee entry into the US explained

    Here is one way to off set some of the cost.
  10. News Article: Re: How a 'Carrington Event' Could Affect the Modern World

    It would make Katrina look like a small flood in terms of natural disasters.
  11. Re: Amazing Bama Stat as discovered by Steve Czaban, sports radio in DC.

    It takes him another week to finally discover them around his ankles.
  12. Re: Florida: Woman Wants Sex, Doesn't Get What She Wants, Runs Over Her Lover

    Never had to. Usually find one that's unlocked.
  13. Re: Amazing Bama Stat as discovered by Steve Czaban, sports radio in DC.

    More importantly, Alabama has won the coin toss on the week after the LSU game since 2011.
  14. Re: Last Home game for senior players on the team

    That list would make a good start for an NFL expansion team.
  15. Re: Mississippi State Superfan 'Stingray' Quits Due To Alabama Fans
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