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    Re: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    The good was Cooper and his sticky hands and effortless runs.
    The bad was letting the time clock run out while trying to kill the clock.
    The ugly had to be that wildcat play in the second half. Ii...
  2. Re: How I put the Ole Miss loss into perspective

    I think teams peak and have a good year or two but very few are there at the top like Bama every year. When you win everything is fine even if you are lucky to win ( UT 2009) and sometimes the...
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    Re: secondary changes coming

    I think Brown will be starting before the end of the year. He is that good.
  4. JessN: Re: FAU wrap-up: Game was short, but fansí discussion wonít be

    There looks to be a lot of potential with Coker but a lot of rust. He was late on a lot of his throws and under threw them as a result. I think if we didn't have Sims, Coker would develop into a...
  5. Link: Re: Coaches hot seat ranking - Coach Saban #14

    Only 84% win percentage. Who does he think would be better? That chart as bad as it gets. I would think he should be in the 120's.
  6. JessN: Re: Tide 2014: Coker needs a chance, not crushing pressure

    I always put more stock into what you write. Thanks
  7. Re: Valuing ($$$) college quarterbacks to their programs. AJ gets dissed again.

    I think it is saying that the Tide would only have lost 2.3 more games without AJ. We lost 2 games with AJ I don't think we would have lost more than 4 if AJ had not played. I think they did over...
  8. Re: Favorite Saban Era O and D player...(only one each)

    Mosley and Julio
  9. Re: New Idea for Rules Committee to Address Pace of Play

    The way to stop the HUNH offense.... 3 and out.
  10. Re: Saban elaborates on his position on speed of play...

    To me the real issue is not that most team snap in the first 10 sec, it is they hurry up and get over the ball and could snap it if the defense has 12 players or is not ready. That is why it is so...
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    Re: First/Last Name Game

    Navarre, Fl
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    Re: First/Last Name Game

    Newnan, Ga
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    Question: Re: Eligibility for College Football HOF

    I heard Eddie George talking on a talk show a couple of months back and said that you had to be a first team all-American to be in the college HOF. He said he thought it would be a shame if AJ...
  14. Re: Big Shout-outs to Moderators on this forum

    Definitely the best run site
  15. Question: Re: Are official spots automatically reviewed?

    To me the worst no call was the last offensive TD. The AU linemen were run blocking and at least 2 of them were 5 yards down the field. That is one of the reads for the safety to come up. Not sure...
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