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  1. Thread: aTm @ USC

    by BamaBrass

    Game Thread Re: aTm @ USC

    USCe is vastly overrated.
  2. Re: It's that time again. Pick The Score: West Virginia vs. Alabama

    I foresee WVU getting a fluke big play for a TD in the first half. Otherwise, they are shut down in the first half. We score on our first 5 possessions to go up 31-7 at half. Second half, nothing big...
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    Re: W Va preview from USA today the first half!
  4. Re: Tony Stewart hits, kills driver in sprint car race

    Should've never gotten out of the car.
  5. Re: West Virgnia was not a weak team when we scheduled them.

    All the more reason to embarrass them.
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    Re: 2016 Democrats Lining Up

    Debbie Wasserman-Shultz and Sheila Jackson-Lee would be an awesome ticket!
  7. Re: Fall Practice Begins and CNS Speaks to the Media

    Post of the day!
  8. Re: We are in the 3rd biggest stock bubble in US history

    Hand-crafted Palestinian Pine Boxes
  9. Re: Those to Whom This Video Applies--You Know Who You Are

    Bunch of loosers!
  10. Re: Shock Poll - Obama Worst President Ever - Zogby

    Been saying this since 21 JAN 2009.
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    Link: Re: Prothro Getting Help with Student Loans

    Geez, if someone wants to pay his loans, by all means, go ahead. It's their money. He's not asking for a handout.
  12. Re: Indiana Girl commits to play DB for NAIA college

    I wonder who holds her jockstrap?
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    Re: PA boy attacked after girl queefs on bus

    Queen LaQueefa! LOL!
  14. Re: Adrian Hubbard and reason for falling out of NFL Draft

    Agree. He never had a "high motor" from what I recall.
  15. News Article: Re: Former NFL Scout on Alabama's AJ McCarron: 'He's Going to be a Backup in the NFL'

    I'm sure he will be a backup. Either his first season or near the end of his career. Tom Brady and Steve Young were pretty good backups. Nt to mention Aaron Rodgers.
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