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    Re: Ken Stabler had Severe C.T.E.

    That's true. However the nature of football is vastly different than basketball or football. Having played all three I can honestly say I learned more about myself on the football field than I did...
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    Re: Ken Stabler had Severe C.T.E.

    I don't of another sport more than football that can teach some of the great intangible virtues of life. Since families moved away from the farm the work ethic that was instilled there sports...
  3. Re: What was the moment when Alabama became more than a football team to you?

    I went to a few games as a young kid. But for me in the fifth grade it was watching and crying through the whole Liberty Bowl game, Bryant's last game. I thought he was going to coach forever and I...
  4. Thread: Mike Shula

    by JDCrimson

    Re: Mike Shula

    I really enjoyed Shula the player and that it is what I try to focus on. If you really want to be disappointed or mad at someone be mad at Dubose who absolutely wrecked the program jeopardizing ...
  5. Re: Opposing Offenses Called for 5 Total Holding Penalties Against Alabama in 2015

    Dont forget about the DLs lining up in the neutral zone so deep you could see it from the upper deck and TV. But somehow the LJ standing 25yds away right on the line couldnt see it...
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    Re: Saban's Statue Gets Updated

    It is. I have never really liked it from the start. I really wish they would recast it. This time I think they ought to keep the same general pose but add the straw hat. Coach is really in his...
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    Re: Recruiting Update -- January 15, 2016

    Just because he is suing doesn't mean he isn't getting the help he needs. Come on, USC has a track record for not handling coaching changes very well. The guy probably needs to be involved with...
  8. Re: 2016 OT Greg Little Updates (De-Commits from Texas A&M)

    Pathetic dresser, geez.

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    Re: Imagine if Coker had another year.

    I just wonder if Coker will be end up being a Trent Dilfer type NFL QB - game manager with a strong running and strong defense. If some team commits to working with him he has the chance to be a...
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    Re: Former Nebraska star Lawrence Phillips dead

    I have often wondered if some of this kind of stuff finally reached a critical mass in an otherwise isolated area that it ultimately led to the ascension of the Boise state program? Seriously alot...
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    Re: Attitude Shifts About Dabo?

    First off I don't want his style of offense at bama. No need for it when you can recruit prostyle athletes and game manager QBs. this offensive system has disastrous results if you can't get a high...
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    Re: Any news on Tony Brown?

    Per a players parents that i talked with on the plane over today he is still suspended.

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  13. JessN: Re: Clemson preview: Quick start a must as Bama tries to tame emotional Tigers

    Yeah too bad Verne is not calling this game so he could incessantly remind the audience that Dabo's brother was arrested this week...

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  14. Re: Another Interesting Factoid... (winning championships in all four BCS locations)

    What are we supposed to call this achievement? The Saban Slam?

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  15. Re: Saban Announces Tony Brown is Going Home for a Violation of Team Rules

    I would question his sanity first. If I am a DB there is not person in that front 7 I would want to mess with...

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