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  1. Re: Is Auburn playing a game this evening???

    Hey... if we'd gone to the Birmingham Bowl I'd be jazzed about Harper, Norwood, and Mathis possibly getting a ring too.
  2. Re: The vote for Ken Stabler into the Pro Football HOF

    Too bad they couldn't have done this while he was still alive.
  3. News Article: Re: Cam Newton Sure Thinks A Lot Of Himself

    Cam Newton full of himself? Color me shocked.
  4. Re: Punishment for a child who likes Vile uniforms?

  5. Re: Odds on Bama Starting QB Next Year - Post Yours and Reason Why

    Greg McElroy said he thought it would be Barnett, and that guy scored a 49 on the Wonderlic test, so...
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    Re: Coach Saban bored with trophies

  7. Re: New Position For Jeremy Johnson - Like 12th Man

    I could not care less if API's defensive stats get better or worse, so long as we utterly humiliate them in Tuscaloosa in November.
  8. Re: Sweet highlight Video of Bama's season - best one I've seen

    I had kind of forgotten about Foster as well. Who do you double? With your safeties deep, can you stop Bo and Damien with your front seven?
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    Re: Just for fun: hashtag #bamafanproblems

    The DVR is filling up with national championship games.

  10. Re: Sweet highlight Video of Bama's season - best one I've seen

    Awesomesauce! I love the fact that it had Tweedle-Dumb, Tweedle-Dumber, and Tweedle-Dumbest heaping their plates full of stupid.
  11. Re: Opposing Offenses Called for 5 Total Holding Penalties Against Alabama in 2015

    I wish I could say that I was shocked, but I'm not.
  12. Re: Ranking the 16 Bama National Championship Teams

    Actually, Barker was 4 of 13 for 18 yards, with two interceptions. This is part of what makes this my favorite. We were completely one dimensional, and still opened a six-pack of it on the...
  13. Re: After Watching The Championsip Replay Twice....

    This is pretty much par for the course these days. I routinely see players lined up in the neutral zone with no flag thrown. It's gotten to the point where a player has to be obscuring an opposing...
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    Re: Do We Not Play Georgia Next Year?

    Next year in Atlanta?
  15. Question: Re: Who is your choice for the Unsung Senior hero of 2015?

    Highway 46 all the way!
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