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    Re: Preseason USAToday Coaches' Poll Released

    I certainly see what you're saying with regards to us having some questions with certain positional groups. However, what I don't know is what questions other team around the county have regarding...
  2. News Article: Re: Report: Former Alabama RB Dee Hart to transfer to Colorado State

    I'll certainly be keeping a closer eye on CSU now with Dee there. The boy certainly didn't lack effort.
  3. Re: Bo Pelini suggests Ole Miss dirty in its recruiting tactics

    Sure it's no time before ole Hugh fires back with a smart 'aleck' comment of his own.
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    Re: Top 5 Concerns for a 2014 Title run

    If that's the case we are in a lot of trouble this year!
  5. Re: Oklahoma Running Back Joe Mixon allegedly Knocks out Female Victim

    Geez man! This isn't one of those kids will be kids kind of things. What's gotten inti these guys!!!!
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    Re: Kenyon Drake Tweet

    I was thinking the exact same thing!!!
  7. News Article: Re: A look at Nick Saban's full schedule of live ESPN interviews at annual 'Car Wash'

    I just don't see how some of these coaches/players do it. I heard that last few minutes of Cowherd's interview with Les Miles yesterday and Cowherd seemed to be taking a few shots at Saban. ...
  8. Re: My kids have all the fun (met Dominick Jackson)

    Who is the other player?
  9. What did the guy get fired for?

    What did the guy get fired for?
  10. Re: Greg McElroy gets show on Sirius XM Starting Monday

    I do like Bill King. He has good recruiting nuggets.
  11. Link: You know Bazza after all of Spurrier's comments...

    You know Bazza after all of Spurrier's comments here recently, I would normally pull for you guys to handle USC. But the only way Bama gets to hush him up is in the SEC championship game so I would...
  12. Don't we already have at least 1 TE commited in...

    Don't we already have at least 1 TE commited in this class? Seems like a kid from Missouri?
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    I think Florida could be a tricky out for both us...

    I think Florida could be a tricky out for both us and FSU this year...
  14. Re: Apt. makes man take down US flag as it offended muslims

    I live a few miles from this place, I may just have to give that place a good ole double finger salute the next time I pass by there. I'll let you guys figure out which two fingers I plan on using....
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    Re: Bama vs. Kennesaw State (Game 1)

    I thought that was a terrible call!
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