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  1. Re: *** 2016 CB/ATH Shyheim Carter Commits to Alabama ***

    Great start for the class of 2016!
  2. Re: Spurrier: I don’t know if Saban has maxed out potentially as well as he could...

    Spurrier works so hard on recruiting that he just had over 25 pct of his last signing class not qualify to enroll at South Carolina. Maybe Spurrier would be better served working on his own program...
  3. Game Thread Re: USA vs Germany - Escape to Live Again (main thread until Belgium)...

    In the knock out round you lose and go home that is correct. If it's tied at the end of regulation they will have I think two overtime periods of maybe 15 mins each. Someone can check me on that. If...
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    Game Thread Re: ****Bama vs. Bama****

    I thought there were a lot of positives to take from the Spring Game which we all know is very vanilla play calling from both sides of the ball. I really think this defense can be special. The front...
  5. Link: Re: NY Times drops a dime on Jameis Winston "investigation"

    Correct. Coker is graduating not transferring.
  6. Re: Favorite Saban Era O and D player...(only one each)

    Yes he is a Saban recruit.
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    Re: What music are you diggin'?

    I just discovered NeedToBreathe and I'm really liking what I'm hearing!
  8. Re: Favorite Saban Era O and D player...(only one each)

    Offense: Mark Ingram
    Defense: Mark Barron
  9. Thread: hi everyone

    by BamaGreek

    Re: hi everyone

    Hi Johno! When and how did you become a fan of The Crimson Tide?
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    Re: Does anyone take anti-inflammatory meds?

    Good luck with that knee surgery. I've been down that road a time or two my self.
  11. Re: Cyrus K not starting off very good at combine.

    The report says arthritic knee due to a failed knee surgery. Arthritic knee isn't something that will go away or get better.
  12. Link: Re: Tide Signee Cornwell Works On Knee & Is Ready To Compete

    I think we have to remember that if Coker does win the job that pretty much puts him as the Bama QB for the next two seasons unless he was to play poorly and lose the job. I think if that happens...
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    Re: January 24-25 Recruiting Weekend

    Scout reporting that Boston did not get an offer from Alabama during his official visit. I read that as meaning the staff is feeling solid with another player or two that do have offers.
  14. Re: OK, Let`s Try Something Else. Chad Lindsey a Starter Next Year?

    I tend to agree that Cristobal had a rough first year as the O-line coach. He's has shown though that he is a really good recruiter but maybe his on the field position coaching needs some work....
  15. Re: *** 2015 QB Ricky Town Commits to Alabama ***

    I think the changing of the coaching landscape put too much indecision in his mind so he decommitted. Coach Nuss leaving who was his recruiter and going to be his OC and also Sarkisian going to USC...
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