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    Re: OK, I'm a little worried AU

    i'm like that as well. if we came into this game against an 0-11 Auburen, i'd still be nervous. Thats just the way i've always been. maybe i have a college football anxiety issue.
  2. Link: Re: Ryan Kelly on Carl Lawson: 'Honestly don't know who that is'

    i dont see how some can be "OK" with this, but when it's from a player from an opposing team it's "disrespectful"...
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    Re: Pick the score: Alabama vs. Auburn

    Bama 31
    Aurbren 17
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    Re: Ronda rousey knocked out

    maybe she will leave Mayweather alone now. nothing like a slice of humble pie..
  5. Re: Cam Newton Tears Down Fan's "Cheesehead Banner" before the Packers game last week

    he did a dance after a TD..wasnt directed at any player. i dont see the big deal. this isnt college where you get a penalty for that.
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    Re: Bo or Damien?

    Bo no doubt has the higher ceiling and more explosiveness IMO. he just needs in game reps to get comfortable.
  7. Re: Has LSU Been Processed? (Arky leads 14-0)

    i just think they werent quite a top 5-10 anyway. take a look at their schedule before us. lets see how this one plays out.
  8. Re: Cam Newton Tears Down Fan's "Cheesehead Banner" before the Packers game last week

    i have no issues with it. a lot worse is done than ripping a piece of paper off the wall. He gets love from me for all he does with kids in Carolina as well as Arburen
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    Re: Gameday Guest Picker?

    think i'll actually watch it just because its different.
  10. Re: First Playoff Poll Released (predictions - first 5 pages; analysis - page 6 - ???

    you are exactly right. I told my cousin about 2 weeks ago with the rankings coming out before the LSU game, they were going to boost us no matter what happened with the teams ahead of us.
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    Link: Re: Trent's gone per Scout

    with all the injuries yesterday he may get lucky. The Steelers, Bears and 49's had injuires yesterday at the RB position. If he cant make the 49'rs squad, he should just try a different profession at...
  12. Re: Ole Miss vs Auburn - Who are you pulling for?

    i cant think of any scenario other than my life depending on it that i'd root for Auburn. Lets go Rebels...:cool:
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    Question: Re: Tomorrows Ranking

    really doesnt matter where we are right now. yet, it's cool to look at and discuss. the only issue i can see is if Ole Miss wins out. We are not going to get in over an undefeated power conference...
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    Re: Official Post-Game Thread - Bama vs. Hogs...

    just because someone complains in a game thread does not mean they are drunk lol.. fans complain ALL the time. thats a part of being a fan IMO.. some are able to handle it. some arent. thats just the...
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    Re: Is Ragland Saban's best MLB?

    agreed. Ro was on another level. Thats not a slight to Ragland. he will also be playing on Sundays
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