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    Well done Bama

    This was as good a beat down as could be done.

    I didn't think we would be so inept, and you could be so very strong.

    Congrats on a great team. Hope we see you soon again.
  2. Re: retribution really did work! (Clowney sack / fumble)

    I don't think calling that a "sack" quite describes what happened. I thought for a moment
    that the runners head was still in the helmet as it rolled across the field.
  3. Re: who will stand with the Tide for the BCS game

    I am having a game watch at my house and I have 2 OU fans and a UTenn fan and all are big time fans of their
    respective schools and all are strongly pulling for ND. The OU fans because they are...
  4. Re: So what Alabama items are you wanting Santa to bring on Christmas Day?

    I wish two of those for you, they are the most important ones. Good luck to you and your wife and family.
  5. Get Blake to South Beach, thank you Bama Fans!!

    And all other CFB fans. This is what makes college football so special.
  6. Re: Jimmy Clausen Designed T-Shirt "Catholics Vs. Cousins" Is Really Low Class

    You should know that Clausen's poor humor was strongly disapproved of on NDNation as it should have been. Most ND fans are weary of this stereotypical joking humor and the "Catholics vs Convict" T...
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    Re: Does Bama/ND remind anyone of

    I think the parameters are pretty clear. If ND's front 7 can't stop your two strong running backs for 4 quarters, we lose.
    ND has to make sure tackles, especially in space, and minimize yards after...
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