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  1. Re: Luke Del Rio is gone - Blake Sims / QB discussion

    If Sims has issues with pressure, he'd best get over em fast.
    Pressure is every play as a starting Alabama Quarter Back.

    The last couple of years has taught us that opposing teams like to bring...
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    Re: Comments from Saban

    I know our Offense had better not look like this in late August.
    A-day was a work in progress. The introduction of CLK has changed many things,
    lots of them will take time to jell.
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    Re: my A game take

    Arie is pretty good if they face him head on, I think he's weak on the angle blocks.
    He better get used to angles, cause that's what he's gonna see this year.

    Offensive line may open holes for...
  4. Re: Post-A-Day Depth Chart (combined from both teams)...

    IMO: Sims hold on the number one QB spot slipped away.
    He played poorly in that Offense.
    One of my complaints was that sometimes Sims has been a 'Run First QB'.
    Several times last year he...
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    Re: A-Day Game Good, Bad, and Ugly

    The good... DEFENSE, Morris did a pretty good job punting.
    The bad... OFFENSIVE LINE, Sims is unable to operate the Offense we ran today.
    The ugly... Griffin... Maybe should have included under...
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    Game Thread Re: ****Bama vs. Bama****

    I hear that Coker already has a 'Playbook', and is learning our plays.
    From what I saw today, I hope he's learning our plays.

    It also wouldn't hurt to let us go back to the 60s and early 70s with...
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    Game Thread Re: ****Bama vs. Bama****

    Sims was 3rd best QB last year at A-Day... I'm not impressed this year either.
    Everybody sez he's good in practice...

    Does Bateman play better under pressure than Sims?
    I know Bateman can also...
  8. Re: NCAA approves new roughing the passer penalty for hits below knees

    I'm all for protecting a QB, but the game is Football, and there will be contact.
    (It's part of the game) (Old School Football)

    We have seen over reaction to some hits, and then rules are...
  9. Re: Meet the Bag Man: How to Buy Players, in the Words of a Man Who Delivers the Mon

    Sounds like something written by a literate cousin of Corky Frost.
    Nobody mentioned buying Steaks for Eric Ramsey. :rolleyes:
  10. News Article: Re: Amari Cooper Credits Lane Kiffin's Offense as Reason Behind His Big Scrimmage

    Maybe players understand Kiffen Offensive ideas better than they grasped Nuss's Offense.
    Simplifying the play calling and a better understanding of plays has to beat, not quite understanding what...
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    Re: Mizzou suspends DGB

    We probably dodged a bullet on DGB.
    IMO: He would have wilted at Alabama. Resented being told what to do. How to do it.
    Ego would have taken a hit sitting on the bench.

    DBG is very...
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    Re: How do you feel about the Sugar Bowl loss?

    I feel BITTER. It's another game we should have won.
    We owed OK. a whipping and didn't deliver.

    Lately it seems when we loose a game late, we haven't bounced back.
    They act like the season's...
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    Re: CB Eddie Jackson suffers knee injury...

    Mentally either. Gene changed after his injury.
    I talked with him late last Fall and he acted like he did before his injury.
    I hope he's changed.

    A little history...
    (Gene fell out of graces...
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    Re: First scrimmage in the books

    It can happen in an instant to someone like Eddie, or you can move wrong if your an old man like me...
    Hope Eddie fares better than me. My surgery for a tear is Friday...
    (My knees are wore out)
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    Blog: Re: Latest Bama News 4/3/14

    I see where they are coming from but I'd bet the end result would be Universities not giving scholarships, Unions collecting dues, and Uncle Sam with his hand out for Federal Tax.
    Then states are...
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