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  1. Re: Meet the Bag Man: How to Buy Players, in the Words of a Man Who Delivers the Mon

    Sooo, it's just coincidence that the only reference to any school in that blog just happens to be a graphic of a Waffle House sign that says "Roll Tide?"
  2. [Sponsored Thread] Re: A-DAY Autograph Signing with AJ McCarron, CJ Mosley, Kevin Norwood, and Kenny Bel

    I did a little research and it appears that is an internet business without any permanent brick and mortar locations. Albetar owns T-Town Gallery (and T-Town Menswear) in the...
  3. [Sponsored Thread] Re: A-DAY Autograph Signing with AJ McCarron, CJ Mosley, Kevin Norwood, and Kenny Bel

    Just to be sure, can someone confirm that this is not the business owned by Tom Albetar?

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  4. News Article: Re: Blake Sims Spends Spring Break with QB Coach Ken Mastrole


    LOL, I just watched him play the character Lukas Frye in this season of "House of Lies" on Showtime. Had no idea there was a connection with BS.
  5. Link: Re: A Corn Dog Truck Wrecked In Louisiana This Morning..LOL

    Too bad. Guess that'll delay the release of this:
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    Re: My Take on Bruce Pearl

    That's what I heard, plus it only goes down to $4 mil in the third year. After that, I don't know, but those buyouts will keep him tied to the barn for awhile. It also shows how desperate Pearl was...
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    Re: Auburn and Pearl - (Please keep it Civil!)

    I don't read anything that Slive did that was out of the ordinary. It was, at the time, the defense du jour to sacrifice the most culpable appearing lamb(s) and fall upon the self imposed sword. The...
  8. Question: Re: Is Calling Coach Bryant 'The Bear" ok with Everyone?

    When Coach Mal Moore was being recruited as a QB, he made the mistake of calling Coach Bryant "Bear" to his face. He never did it again. You won't ever hear a former player, assistant coach, or staff...
  9. Re: Well, one more knee surgery out of the way...

    Heal up fast Earle.
  10. Link: Re: Dutch speedskating coach: US football 'sucks'

    I think Hans Brinker has wandered up and down the back streets of Amsterdam for too long.
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    Re: Yes, I'm an Aggie :>) Go easy on me!

    This ^^^^

    And Southwest offers daily flights between HOU and BHM at least one of which is non-stop. Best fares (incl 2 bag check) bar none if you reserve ahead. You can find lodging in Tuscaloosa...
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    Blog: Re: The one Auburn stole from Bama
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    Re: *** LB Rashaan Evans Signs With Alabama ***

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    Re: Eddie Lacy wins AP Rookie of the Year

    Congrats to Eddie, he did it the old fashioned way . . . he earned it!

    Now, here's hoping that Mark picks...
  15. Re: *** 2015 QB Ricky Town Commits to USC ***

    I think you pretty much nailed it, AT.
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