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  1. Re: Was the battle of Stalingrad the most important battle of WW2

    I had never heard or read about the drug use by the germans during the war. Thanks for that insight.
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    Re: This Overlooked Fact Gives auburn 11 National Titles

    As someone who married into a very deep barn family...yes and no. They're fine until the week of the ua/au game...or until someone mentions Alabama (insert whatever here) that point, the vast...
  3. Re: Why does any network pay Skip Brainless to talk on tv?

    never heard of him or the klatt guy. then again, I don't waste my time listening to talking heads.
  4. Re: Prosecutor who sent innocent man to death row, disbarred

    While I don't oppose the death penalty, this is why I understand the line of automatic appeals.
  5. Re: Yahoo Sources: NCAA to formally charge Mississippi with rules violations

    Annnnddddddd the nzaa will announce that due to the violations in oxford...the university of Alabama will have to forfeit 9 scholarships, 2 of the last 4 National Championships (their choice) and all...
  6. Re: Louisville self imposes 1 year post season ban

    Petino was sickening on the radio Friday.
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    Re: Negotiating a used car deal

    I'm gonna throw a Honda cr-v out there too. 4cyl or not...good pickup and gas mileage. My wife has really enjoyed our 2007 ford edge also.
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    Re: Negotiating a used car deal

    Careful of the 1 page carfax's too. I got one from a used car dealer. Said 1 owner...yep, that's all that was on the title...1 owner. However, the vehicle had been sold twice before and was even...
  9. Re: Great Lakes nearly devoid of ice - due to El Nino

    Don't get me wrong. I have a cuz in Lakeland, FL that complains that the leaves never turn. Not sure I could handle that either...but I HATE it when the highs don't get over 50deg. :)
  10. Re: Great Lakes nearly devoid of ice - due to El Nino

    This. I don't understand folks in bama wanting it COLD? My deer hunting buddies all say "we need it cold, to move the deer". Deer gonna move to eat...not just because it's cold. Shoot, i'll take...
  11. Re: Libyan ISIS chiefs living in fear of ‘mystery sniper’...

    Carlos' book was/is a great read!
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    Question: Re: Price and Shula

    CMS's introductory presser was very thrown together, subdued...and yes, deer in the headlights in appearance. Poor Ken Darby...shula ran him to death. Never understood why he tried to wear...
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    Re: Age and the presidency

    Not good at all. Look how every president has aged while in office. I've said all along that I didn't think a 70yo woman could physically take the stress or demand. And I have my doubt about 70yo...
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    Re: Unabomber Had A Girlfriend

    Funny Unabomber story. My brother was on a flight to cali for work...when all the Unabomber's trial stuff had been all in the news. He said they had been in the air for a while and he had to use...
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    Re: The Great Raid

    duh! :rolleyes::biggrin:
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