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  1. Re: The Obama economy vs. The Reagan Economy

    I worked in a manufacturing machine shop at this time. It was not government spending that was growing as much as it was in the private sector. We went from about to close the doors to the company in...
  2. Re: 40 years ago today -the fall of Siagon

    I remembered watching all the news coverage on one of the three tv stations we had. Man forty years, I'm getting old.
  3. Re: Orioles COO John Angelos offers eye-opening perspective on Baltimore protests

    Well if the law don't protect people what should people do? If people were being shot for destroying somebodies property then I would believe that this would be shut down big time.
  4. Re: Are you smarter than an 8th grader?

    This is so true, the number one enemy of the United States is not anyone around the world but our own government. Washington dc should be considered a enemy state to this Country moving forward with...
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    Re: Addiction: disease or choice?

    In no means does it make me mad. I don't understand either. As friends growing up we all experience with several things including alcohol. All my friends except the one that became addicted didn't...
  6. Re: Wisconsin’s Shame: ‘I Thought It Was a Home Invasion’

    It just seems like this kind of thing always comes from the left here lately. I am just going on what I have read. It might be more but I haven't seen it or read it.
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    Re: Addiction: disease or choice?

    Alcoholic is different then meth or crack I think. I believe that alcohol is a disease because you can see it run in certain families. A very good friend of mind is very addicted to alcohol. His...
  8. Re: Medical Marijuana in Alabama passes Senate Panel

    All I can say is wow. Got to find out what some of the things it treats in case I have that problem.:)
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    Re: Favorite players from your childhood

    A lot of great players mentioned and I love them all for the ones I can remember. I started to become interested in football in the early seventies. One player that I didn't see mentioned that I...
  10. News Article: Re: Video Shows Arizona Cop Using Car to Ram Armed Suspect

    After watching the video on youtube I kind of laughed at the response of the cop with the dash camera.
  11. Re: Anyone else watching DareDevil on Netflix?

    Excellent show. Would suggest to anyone to watch. The actors are great and didn't know kingpin is pyle off full metal jacket.
  12. Re: 150 years ago today, Lee's surrender at Appomattox

    Thanks everybody for the good read. I never went to college but tidefans is a classroom in itself. Also you get different views which helps a lot that I am sure you don't get in most college...
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    Re: Man dies after sex with scarecrow

    Lol I would love to hear Richard Pryor have a discussion on this subject.:):)
  14. Re: Philippines carries out bloody Good Friday 'crucifixions'

    I have to say I agree.
  15. Re: 147 Christians gunned down by Muslims in Kenya

    I agree but just hope the Country votes somebody in as President to kick their butts out of these positions. Then again obama got in office twice.
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