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  1. Re: Former Bama player Joe King in serious condition after car wreck

    I attended that game also.

    Years later, I read that King admitted he had been drinking before the game. (!) Your anecdote is consistent with that admission.

    Sadly, he seems to have battled...
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    Re: Revisiting UA vs. OU in '13 SB

    lol - I was at that game.

    While we're at it, shall we revisit 1984 Alabama vs. Vanderbilt? (I was at that game too)

    Nah - it's too early in the day to start drinking...
  3. Re: If We Had Played FSU For The National Title--Would We Have Won?

    Give Saban a month to prepare, and we would beat the Seahawks. :biggrin:
  4. Link: Re: Former LSU O-lineman T-Bob Hebert sets record straight about 2012 BCS Championshi

    That game may go down as Saban's masterpiece. The defensive gameplan and execution was astonishing.
  5. Link: Re: Rolando McClain Reinstated by the Baltimore Ravens

    This is a textbook example of what can happen when a guy makes a ton of money in a lump sum.

    Ro got a huge payday when he signed his NFL deal. Unless he goes totally nuts, he's set for life...
  6. Re: Post-A-Day Depth Chart (combined from both teams)...

    I attended the A-day game, and agree - at the moment we do not have a clear leader at QB.
  7. Re: Deadspin Article on UNC Athlete's Final Paper
  8. Re: Are Total Wins All That Will Matter? (Selection Committee Concern Cont.)

    I agree. The logical evolution of the BCS should have been to expand it, so that 4 teams could compete for the championship.

    Instead, the BCS was completely replaced. Why? To reduce the odds of 2...
  9. Re: Favorite Saban Era O and D player...(only one each)

    Trent (unstoppable in Beast Mode)

    Mount Cody
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    This reminds me of the time Rolando McClain got into a fight with a fraternity guy in Tuscaloosa.

    McClain told Coach Saban his version of the facts - that antagonizing racial slurs were spoken by...
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    Re: "Dances With Nick"

  12. Re: Books That Will Never Be Written

    "Touched" by Jerry Sandusky

    Oh wait....
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    Re: Get ready for another title run.

    Of course it all remains to be seen, but yesterday the recruiting gurus were referring to this Alabama class as "historic" and "unprecedented." One called it "the best class of the modern era of...
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    Re: Recruiting name of the year winner

    Possibly the best since Yourhighness Morgan.
  15. Link: Re: Saban Speaks at American Football Coaches Association Convention

    This needs to be on YouTube.
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