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  1. Re: Typical UT 'class' - UT's director of Football Operations tried to trip player

    Wow this looks like it truly had to have been intentional. I know it was a spur-of-the-moment decision, but what could he have hoped to accomplish? You trip the guy and you're almost guaranteed to...
  2. JessN: Re: Projected Depth Chart for Alabama vs. Tennessee

    I'll be the one to ask the obvious: No RK at Center? Someone on CTSN and maybe other sources said he'd be back this week.

    Not that I'm not thrilled with Bozeman's performance, mind you.
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    Oh my lord how did that Arky QB dance around our...

    Oh my lord how did that Arky QB dance around our blue chip D linemen like they were standing still? Not since Kenny King and Kindal Moorhead have I seen anyone running around in the backfield.
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    Re: Game Thread: Auburn vs Mississippi State

    Dream on, Gus.
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    Re: Being an alumni of the college="real fan"?

    Thanks! Now I can sleep at night. :)

    By the way I agree 100% that alumni and fan(atics) are mutually exclusive. Plenty of people account for a large percentage of Bama football's revenue...
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    Re: Being an alumni of the college="real fan"?

    I know Latin is a dead language, but can we please stop saying that a person is more than one alumni? Unless you have a clone who is mentally connected to you, you are an alumnus or an alumna.
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    Link: Re: Auburn good at stealing signals.

    I agree that probably some degree of this goes on everywhere; it'd be difficult or impossible to ignore signals sometimes. I think the AU sideline probably makes less or no attempt to hide that...
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    Game Thread Re: Barn vs. Kansas State (was, CFN article)

    So what teams beat AU based on this? Assume they were worse on the road in a weird atmosphere. Still they lose to A&M, LSU, a Miss school, UGA, and Bama.
  9. Link: Re: Officials Turning Eyes On Ineligible Man Down Field Penalty(Uses Bama As An Examp

    I remember that play. #77 was lined up as a wide receiver, just like we apparently have decided that Jalston Fowler is half split end.
  10. JessN: Re: USM wrap-up: Is Tide’s defense going back to the future?

    Very encouraging stuff. If the D is like the best of Lines and Kiffen can utilize Sims this well then let's keep criticizoling the shortcomings right until they hoist some great trophy.
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    Re: ****Bama vs. USM - Postgame Thread****

    Love a TD pass to a TE. Wasn't OJ though. Later I watched Kiffen have a long conference with OJ and the QB with the ball near the goal line and I told my wife, "Oh look, we will pass to Howard for...
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    Re: ****Bama vs. USM - Postgame Thread****

    Seems to me all Sims can do is one thing: beat you.

    He seems as effective passsing as Greg McElroy was after 3 games. And can run like a good tailback. Why should I be unhappy about this again?
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    News Article: Re: ESPN: What’s wrong with Alabama’s pass D?

    Cool idea: do every kickoff onsides. Like many here, it seems you can stop the HUNH once the field is short and you have 11 guys near the line. So just start near there. Occasionally, you'll...
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    Re: Phil Savage Gives 5 Points About the Game

    Hope he is right about Brown. No knock on #3, just excited to seer Brown play.
  15. Re: We've Got Ourselves a Kicker Guys (Scrimmage Discussion)

    Awesome job by the kickers. Gtown says it was a 'pleasant' surprise... I say it was astonishing. This is a huge percentage improvement to the probability of winning a given game. Go back a few...
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