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  1. News Article: Re: National Championship Cans Why not bottles I wonder

    You should move the cans around every now and then. If you don't, the acid will settle and eat through the can.
  2. Re: Yahoo Sources: NCAA to formally charge Mississippi with rules violations

    The REC works in mysterious ways.
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    Question: Re: 2016 ut football schedule

    I've noticed a lot of schools list the SEC championship game on their official site also. I'm glad we don't do that.
  4. Link: Re: The results are in: Alabama isn't going anywhere.

    As Phyllis says "YOU GOT THAT PEOPLE"
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    Re: Just for fun: hashtag #bamafanproblems

    I'll have to leave Atlanta at 6 am eastern to catch the national championship celebration #bamafanproblems
  6. Link: Re: Nick Saban vs Bear Bryant: Who Is The Better Alabama Coach?

    Nick Saban
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    Game Thread Re: OU vs. Clemson...

    Yeah, they play their fight song every five seconds like Tennessee plays Rocky Top. What's even worse is that it's one of those songs I start humming and don't realize i'm doing it.
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    Re: Eagles fire Chip Kelly

    I can see Auburn going after him.
  9. Question: Re: If 2015 was still BCS system who do you think would have played for the champions

    I loved the BCS, it was very kind to Alabama.
  10. Re: Is it just me or did Miles' seat just get a little warm.....

    I hope they blow Ole Miss out of the water next weekend
  11. Re: Louis Armstrong airport

    I was trying to get rid of an extra ticket on the strip before the game last Saturday night and had an LSU fan approach me about it. I told him I couldn't do it out of respect for the other Tide...
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    News Article: Re: Would Dabo answer if Mama (Alabama) calls?

    I've been thinking this for a while
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    Re: Trap ??

    I think we will come out flat as usual after a big game and at some point get it in gear.
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    Question: Re: Please help: stadium fail?

    In the past, they have placed shakers on seats for big games, but I assume the weather played a huge role in them just leaving them at the bottom of the spirals. Everyone I saw walking up was taking...
  15. Re: The Advocate: 10 Reasons Why LSU Fans Love to Hate Alabama

    What a waste of time
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