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    Re: NFL Hires First Female Official

    The Raiders are a lot like an NFL team. Well, except for the talent. Oh, and the wins.
  2. Re: New Alzheimer’s treatment fully restores memory function

    mrs. exiled's Dad is fairly early in his Alzheimer's. So far, he's still pretty high-function, but the fam did put him in a memory care facility here. Tough & humbling to visit there.
    Thx for the...
  3. Re: If restaurant workers were paid at least $15/hour, would your tipping habits chan

    Aren't they though? I still recall getting torched here by someone for some innocuous comment I made in a tipping thread. <shudder>
  4. Re: NJ has fourth highest number of hate groups per SPLC

    Impossible. Everyone knows that all of the hate groups are located in MS & AL.
  5. Re: Discussing Race Relations In The Starbucks

    This. Overroasted coffee mixed too strong & then burned does not actually equal a good cup of coffee. Neither does adding a bunch of syllables to one's coffee order.

    Back to the larger point,...
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    Re: Mandatory Voting?!?.

    Well, now that everyone has Twitter & Facebook & such, we're all experts at political analysis & discourse, so why not?
  7. Re: Dems vow to protect Boehner from conservative coup

    People, people...nothing to worry about here. Our local Congressman said before the latest speaker election that he "looked Mr. Boehner in the eye" & asked him if he'd lead in accordance with the...
  8. Re: US Debt limit to be reached on March 16th

    Yep. And it's completely binding, right up until it's actually about to be reached. At that point, those incapable of balancing a checkbook vote to raise the limit again. There are strongly worded...
  9. Re: ESPN's Olbermann won't host show this week over Penn State tweets

    Keith Olbermann...didn't he used to be a reporter or something similar? Whatever became of that guy. Haven't seen him in years.
  10. Re: Jeremiah Wright's daughter sent to prison for embezzlement

  11. Re: FBI admits they are using fake cell towers to track you

    I'd share my opinion on this matter, but I'm pretty sure they began monitoring Tidefans some years back. Therefore, um, 'bout that Tide? ;)
  12. Re: No Big Bang? Quantum equation predicts universe has no beginning.

    Niels Bohr...Wasn't he Belicheck's offensive coordinator in the Bledsoe era? ;)
  13. Link: Re: Oregon senator upset Ducks' 2015 class has no in-state signees

    Wait...Les Miles is a state Senator in Oregon now? ;)
  14. Re: My 7 yr old doesn't like school and his teacher is calling us.

    When I was 7, I did play for Bama & then the Packers (Linebacker and QB in my case). Perhaps you've heard of me? Ray Nitschke/Bart Starr; pleased to meet you! Funny thing though: the crowds were a...
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    Re: Brag On You Kid(s)

    Not sure how I missed this one, but here goes my brags:

    exiled, jr. has a job that is awesome in the very truest meaning of the word. He has his Pharm. D. from Ole Miss & does chemotherapy/bone...
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