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    Re: Coliseum empty

    Too much "other" stuff to do in SoCal. Too many pansies in that part of the world to support a manly game like football. Lets be honest though, for the same reason a professional team would have...
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    anybody use the aha app

    So I got the new Honda and it has this aha app you can tie into the car through "HondaLink". Does anyone out there have any experience with it. Is it worth the bother to sign up. I see they have...
  3. Re: Georgia WR Mitchell explains what itís like to get trucked by Alabamaís Ragland

    That's the one where the guy went to chase the play and you could see his arm just dangling there like a wet noodle.
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    Re: Batted Balls

    I remember hearing Coach Saban say something to the effect that they started doing this to defend the quick snap/throw stuff so many teams were doing. The D-Line doesn't have a chance to get a push...
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    Re: Duke Williams kicked off the team

    So here's my angle. Malzahn sees the season going into the tank and by dismissing a somewhat troubled member of the team that doesn't seem to give a rip, he's showing he's in complete control of the...
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    looking for 4 in the Zone

    I'm looking for 4 tix in one of the Zones. We got in a couple years ago for one of the crappy teams and the kids absolutely loved it. Trying to recreate some good times for them. If someone has...
  7. Game Thread Re: Official Game Thread - Bama v. UGA - 2nd Half...

    UGA gonna start playing dirty
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    Game Thread Re: Official Game Thread - Bama v. UGA...

    No complacency to open the 2nd half. I'm sure Saban is talking about playing with no scoreboard and to FINISH!
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    Game Thread Re: Official Game Thread - Bama v. UGA...

    So holding is legal today?
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    Re: Weather Could Play a Factor Saturday

    James Spann had a similar photo like that of the elephant head on his Facebook page.
  11. Re: another school shooting tragedy, Umpqua Community College Oregon

    I will agree with you, a crime is a crime regardless if the person committing the crime hated the other person or not. The problem here is that our current Justice Department throws the word "hate"...
  12. Re: another school shooting tragedy, Umpqua Community College Oregon

    So at what point will this be considered a hate crime seeing as how the shooter was apparently, according to eyewitnesses, seeking out Christians? Oh that's right, IT WON'T. Christians aren't a...
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    Re: Confirmed - Bo to play this week...

    I read somewhere that he was doing running back drills behind Harris and the rest of the running backs were running scout team this week. Saban commented that since they knew he wasn't playing for 4...
  14. Link: Re: Nick Saban thinks 20 percent of college football fans are 'bad fans'

    Bad fan. My uncle is a bad fan. He gets on message boards and finds articles on facebook and comments on them calling other fan bases and coaches stupid, idiots. Recruits going to other schools...
  15. Re: Does Bama Takeaway UGA's Run Game or Pass Game First?

    We'll do what we are built to do. Stop the run and force them to pass. This game, nor the Arky, nor the LSU game really worry me too bad. We are built to stop this type of offense, and frankly are...
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