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  1. Re: L5U Coach Les Miles May Be Coaching For His Job (Per Baton Rouge Advocate)

    LSU will regret this for the next 10 years.
  2. Link: Re: Ryan Kelly on Carl Lawson: 'Honestly don't know who that is'

    Why do we even have this thread?
  3. News Article: Re: Adam Griffith opens up about life after Kick Six

    Pat Dye: "Auburn (burp) will need (burp) and buch of (burp) kick-sisssssses (burp) to beat Alabama (burp).
  4. Link: Re: Where will Chip Kelly coach next season?

    I think he jumps ship. He has run off most of the good players the Eagles had.
  5. Re: The Iron Bowl Myth: A Great Rivalry Any Team Can Win

    In other words, when we beat the barn we beat them good. When we lose, it isn't by much.
  6. Re: Week 13 Polls Released (Bama #2 in Both)

    That would suit me just fine, we owe big mouth bob.
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    Re: Pick the score: Alabama vs. Auburn

    Bama - 48
    barn - 13
  8. Re: LSU Coach Les Miles May Be Coaching For His Job (Per Baton Rouge Advocate)

    Fixed it for ya
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    Re: CFP predictions (11/24 and final)

    I want another shot at them too!
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    Re: Crimson Tide 2016 Football Schedule

    Seem like I remember Coach saying recently that it's getting hard to find out of conference opponents.
  11. Re: Coach Saban has created a generation of young super fans.

    I graduated from Bama in 99 and I'm loving this period. As a student we woke up early on Saturday mornings to travel to Legion Field. Even though those teams under DuBose were more bad than good, we...
  12. JessN: Re: If coaching carousel turns on Miles, someone at LSU is dumb

    You can't fix stupid. The who's need a reality check. They were a nothing program until Saban arrived. I had an LSU fan look at me with quite the look of surprise when I named several of their...
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    Re: Denzel Nkemdiche in ICU since Monday

    All one has to do is google high on spice and see what it does to you. These kids think they can get high on this stuff and it won't be detected on a drug test, but it does much more harm to you than...
  14. Re: LSU Coach Les Miles May Be Coaching For His Job (Per Baton Rouge Advocate)

    That's a good question. I don't see anyone out there that is available or an upgrade. I honestly think they will do much worse with his replacement. I think they're better off making changes at QB...
  15. Re: How Have We Grown? A Look Back At Wisconsin.

    We have greatly improved. This is not the same team that took the field at Jerry's World. Each week the D has a different challenge and they come through.
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