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  1. Question: Which do you watch on Saturday morning - SEC Nation or ESPN Gameday??

    Have you made the switch to "SEC Nation" from "GameDay" on Saturday morning or have you stuck with Chris Fowler and the peanut gallery? For me, it is "SEC Nation". I have never liked Fowler and...
  2. Re: Who is your favorite SEC network analyst/announcer so far?

    Marcus Spears
    Joe Tessitore
  3. Re: CFN Barn vs Black Bears or is it the Rebels (Ole Miss)
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    Re: Coaching Moves

    TIFWIW -

    Here's the Gator wish list, that I am hearing from the many UF Bull Gators that I know (my wife is a grad) -

    1. Dan Mullen - goes without saying and the word I hear down here is that...
  5. Re: Alabama Hoops: With Attendance Down, Can Anthony Grant Pull It Back Up?

    The media has picked Bama to finish 10th in the SEC. If that holds true, this may be his last year.
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    Re: Sounds like ut QB Worley won't play...
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    Re: Jerry Duncan Smokey Quote

    I still think it was Jerry. Heck, it's attributed to him all over the internet going back to the early 2000's. I remember him saying it, as I listened to the game. Oh,'s funny no matter...
  8. Re: Colin Cowherd keeps prediction that UT beats Bama

    So is this one......
  9. Re: Archie Manning stepping down from Playoff committee

    They should replace him with either Coach Stallings or Coach Schnellenberger.
  10. Re: Tennessee Hate Week : All Things Tennessee Hate Related Here
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    Re: Jimbo Fisher is unbelievable...

    Not surprised that he's doubling down.
  12. Question: Re: Saban & Smart Game Plan against Texas A and M

    This is when we miss CJ the most. He could cover and play the run. TO date, none of the LBs this year have reached his level.
  13. Re: What should Saban/ Bobby Williams plan be for special teams?

    Damn, why can't stick'em still be legal???
  14. Re: What kind of quarterback does it take to succeed in Alabama's system?

    The O-line shouldn't be squatting down 1-2 feet during pass protection. ;) I know I'm not the only one to have this thought. Danielson made a similar comment about Blake needing to roll out more,...
  15. Re: What kind of quarterback does it take to succeed in Alabama's system?

    IMO, one that is 6'4" or taller, so he can see over the O-line.

    Robinson, 6'6"
    Kouandjio, 6'5"
    Bozeman, 6'5"
    Brown, 6'6"
    Sheppard, 6'5"
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