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    News Article: Re: Luke Del Rio Opens Up About His Transfer

    And whose word do we have that LDR is telling everything? Just saying, all we are hearing is his side of the story.

  2. Re: Greg McElroy announces his NFL retirement via Twitter

    Just another one of Momma's Boys doing good - Thanks GMac
  3. Re: What is the chance the SEC might deregulate the SEC CG

    Whether right or wrong, gator agrees with MOAN's post
  4. Re: New Idea for Rules Committee to Address Pace of Play

    The gator likes that idea!
  5. Re: reporting Doug Belk joining staff

    It would make sense
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    Re: New Member Here (Long-Time Lurker)

    Welcome aboard - post often and have fun.

  7. Re: Is McCarron's agent tanking his pre-draft on purpose?

    you are correct, but you fell to mention the longer he plays the longer the agent gets his commission. Is it better to get a big chunk for a couple three years or a nice chunk for a longer time? ...
  8. Re: Should Alabama football players join the players' union?

    Three questions: (1) Where is the money coming from to pay ALL the players, from the school or the ncaa?

    (2) Does the player have a choice between a scholly or paycheck?

  9. Re: Keenan Allen -- NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year

    worked is the word here - as in past tense - did not get him, so he is not BAMA related. Now on the other hand EL is another of MAMA's BOYs
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    Link: Re: Baylor's New On Campus Stadium

    nice, but no match for a REAL football stadium - ie:BDS
  11. Re: Keenan Allen -- NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year

    what's this to do with BAMA football?
  12. Re: A video of every Jacob Coker throw in 2013

    No. All I heard all year was the reason AJ was any good at all was his superior supporting cast - WELLL.....
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    Link: Re: Greg McElroy on FOX Football Daily

    UHHHH Please a warning before making a Timmy CRY post - coffee is quite hard to get off of keyboards and such!


  14. Re: Bama Loses Potential Recruit Ricky Town

    Well, you know, competition is what it is all about
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    Re: Jacob Coker free to transfer (ESPN)

    If he is, how did a freshman win his job? Just sayin...................
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