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    Re: Eddie Lacy On SI Cover

    He looks like a monster.
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    Re: QB battle dividing the team?

    I think this always seem to come up when there isn't a QB that is coming back with a proven track record. There seems to be respect for both of the QB's from tweets that have been posted on tidefans....
  3. Link: Re: The Jaguars Unveil The World's Largest Scoreboards

    I wondered if that was the case. Thank you for filling me in.
  4. Link: Re: The Jaguars Unveil The World's Largest Scoreboards

    I would hate to have my tickets under the scoreboard. It would be like sitting too close at the movies, you just can't take it all in.
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    Re: Vote for SEC ESPN logo

    Voted. Trunk looks cool.

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    Re: SEC Pre(dicition) Season: Auburn

    Mack, that Hearns-Hagler fight was a war for the three or four rounds it lasted. Could be one of the best fights I have ever seen. I hope you are right and the good guys end the fight quick this...
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    Re: SEC coaching hot seats (or lack thereof...)

    You think so? I just don't see that Arkansas is a better place to be. I don't like Auburn, but the campus isn't bad. Their baseball facility is much nicer than their football stadium to me. If you...
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    Re: Urban Meyer's Wife on the SEC, Florida Fans.

    I like seeing this in print about another fan base besides us. It was talked about with Coach Saban so much last year as the possible reason for his leaving. She said it best though about football in...
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    Re: 2014 offensive line

    I think play calling will help them out a lot. When it it 4th and 1 and 85k knows what play you are going to run, gotta change it up. Play action pass will be great to see.
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    Re: Will Fan Day be August 3rd

    I have been once. My wife and I waited in line for hours to get Coach Gene Stallings' autograph on a football after the 1992 national title. That was the longest line I have ever waited in.
  11. Re: Rich Rod comments on Nick Saban's opinion of HUNH offenses

    I am betting Mrs. Terry is older than Rita too.
  12. Re: Rich Rod comments on Nick Saban's opinion of HUNH offenses

    Great post Selma. I like the data and it really shows that if we just don't make mistakes in these games, we don't lose to the vaunted HUNH teams.
  13. News Article: Re: Cecil Gives His Opinion for All the SEC Bashing by Other Conferences

    All this bashing of the SEC is just like election year politics. Everybody else is the best candidate for the job, just like every other conference should be ranked ahead of the SEC. One day maybe...
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    Link: Re: Stoops tired of Bama's Sugar Bowl excuses.

    I take what Coach Saban said as we just didn't prepare the way we should have. I feel like when the kickoff took place we played hard. If you don't prepare leading up to that kickoff though, you just...
  15. Re: Really Hope Bama gets the ball in the right guys hands this year...

    I had to look that reference up. I understand what you mean though. Rough huh?
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