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  1. Re: 2016 Season QB Thread (Moved QB Posts from Practice Thread)

    Sims didn't just throw to Cooper, and when he did he was hitting him in stride. Sims had some shortcomings, but his deep ball was his best attribute in my opinion, and he showed it throwing to...
  2. Re: Spring Practice Thread (Interviews, Press Conferences, Practice Reports)

    I'm just not worried about RB's. I have always found that a great O-line is more important to the running game than a great RB. Both being great is the perfect storm. Lacy and the 2012 line are the...
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    Re: I missed a hunting trip with Mark Ingram

    That gif was how I reacted while driving.
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    I missed a hunting trip with Mark Ingram

    I am a pastor in Okeechobee Florida. I just found out Mark Ingram was here yesterday, and he went hunting with a church member. The member didn't know who he was until they were already hunting, and...
  5. Re: Alabama lands new assistant coach

    Sounds great. I love to see Saban bring in young coaches and mentor them.
  6. Re: Yahoo Sources: NCAA to formally charge Mississippi with rules violations

    I don't think Ole Siss gets anything of substance done to them. They may deserve it, but like A&M and Auburn they will get nothing, even though everyone knows Johnny Foosball and Scam Newton were...
  7. Thread: Mike Shula

    by bigjue24

    Re: Mike Shula

    Shula's history is that he gets good performance out of his QB's in the NFL. I know Cam is an incredible talent. People say he is changing the position, but I don't buy that. He is very unique. We...
  8. Question: Re: Any word circulating on whether Kiffin will be returning or not?

    That is interesting.
  9. Question: Any word circulating on whether Kiffin will be returning or not?

    Just curious about his status. Thought he did a good job last year, and I would love to see him be able to work with a guy with the potential of Blake Barnett. That young man has a high ceiling when...
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    Re: Derrick Henry on The Dan Patrick Show

    Best interview I've seen with Derrick. He is getting more comfortable with the media. I don't keep up with a lot of NFL. I just keep up with Bama players, and try and catch them. I'm hoping he goes...
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    Re: Plain Trouble on "Da Plains"

    I'm soo glad I wasn't raised to be a part of that group.
  12. Re: Montana State quarterback Dakota Prukop to Visit Alabama

    I'm not for it at all. I'm sick of one and done. I was better with it when it came to Blake. He wasn't a transfer. He had waited and been a great teammate. He earned the nod for his senior year, and...
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    Re: Who's our OC next year?

    I know there have been some issues, but I'm really hopeful Kiffin stays at least one more year. It will give continuity on that side of the ball, and Coach Saban can be as involved as necessary to...
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    Re: UF D the Best We`ve Seen ?

    I agree that the game plan was designed with our defense versus their offense in mind. Keep it simple was the word of the day. They also had a good pass rush which our offensive line can struggle...
  15. Poll: Re: How many teams should be in the CFB Playoffs?

    6 would work. The top two cedes get a bye. This group would the power 5 champions plus one at large.
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