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    Re: New coach search...

    It looks to me as if the new coach will have to make deep runs in the NCAA or be fired. Just getting there evidently is not enough. A lot of PRESSURE!
  2. Re: Hard to believe we're about to enter Coach Saban's ninth year. When he first cam

    Great Post. My 8 year old daughter knows no other coach at Bama than CNS. What great times we live in. Makes me sick my Dad died in 2005. He would have loved all this. RTR!
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    Re: New coach search...

    I think CNS may aid in helping us get Marshall. He knows full well that the backing will be here and that $ is no object. If Meyer and Donovan can do it so can CNS and CGM.
  4. Re: Kevin Stallings Goes Off on Freshman Wade Baldwin After Win in Knoxville

    The coach at ut that ran over telling on him needs to quit whining.
  5. Re: just so y'all see the uga nonsense we have to deal with in the offseason

    Where was the "Which coach has had the most players arrested?"
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    Re: UA athletic Dept Posts $33m Profit

    I think their bag man did it for free in the Cam scandal.
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    Re: Bama's Latest Recruiting Poster

    Roll Tide Reece Davis!
  8. Re: Oregon's Chances in the Pac-12 Just Got a Lot Better

    Defensive ends all over the PAC 12 are celebrating.
  9. Re: Rule Change Proposal: Ineligible Man Downfield Decreased to One Yard

    How long before CNS is blamed with this proposal?
  10. News Article: Re: Nick Saban and the Inner Workings of His Alabama Recruiting Machine

    Kind of like Coach Bryant. He used to tell them "If you come to Alabama we will have a chance to win the SEC and National Championship. And if you don't come we'll still have a chance to win the...
  11. News Article: Re: SIAP - Erica Kinsman Goes Public (Jameis Winston's Alleged Victim)

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    Re: Wake, NC agree to OOC series.

    It would be great to have a Sat. where the SEC West would play the East in non-conference games. Beats W. Kentucky.
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    Tom Roberts appreciation thread.

    I have spent many a Monday evening listening to Hey Coach and I want to say that I will miss Mr. Tom Roberts. Thanks for all of the great memories. Roll Tide!
  14. Re: Cardale Jones entering NFL draft

    OSU will be a circus next year wait and see.
  15. Re: Cardale Jones entering NFL draft

    What happens now if Barret gets hurt again and jones and miller are both gone?
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