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  1. Re: Sounds like Bama has Four Strong RBs this year

    In 2012 we had lacy Yeldon drake and Henry.
    In 2013 Yeldon Henry drake fowler
    In 2014 drake Henry bo and Harris
  2. Re: Sounds like Bama has Four Strong RBs this year

    In 2009 we had Ingram Richardson lacy and upchurch.
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    Link: Re: New CFB rules for 2016.....

    The player would have to be ruled a passer, as soon as they leave the pocket the interpretation is they are a runner. Shoe string tackles would be ok, that's how the nfl works that rule I believe
  4. Re: *** 2017 CB Kyriq McDonald Commits ***

    I don't typically watch entire highlight reels but his was fantastic. Unless I'm missing something he's grossly underrated and could be a hidden gem in this class. Rtr welcome and congrats
  5. Re: Prediction: If Bama Doesn't, Who Wins the SEC Championship This Year?

    LSU should be very good this year. If bama doesnt get to Atlanta it will because the bengals.
  6. Link: Re: Cooper Bateman to Work Around Super Bowl Winning QBs

    will donovan mcnabb be there?
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    Re: 2017 commits

    LSU? Odell beckham jr? Ruben Randall?

    I get that about auburn and it's right but lsu has some quality wr talent in the nfl. Quarterbacks are a different matter however.
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    Re: Brokaw rips Bama

    Not a rip so much as a slight. At a school that until recently had as many rebel flags prominently displayed on its campus as a Klan rally.
  9. Texas A&M recruiting meltdown playing out on Twitter

    Just gonna post this year it's a pretty funny turn of events that shows the impact of Twitter and social media on the recruiting process. ...
  10. Re: Alabama Looks to be Participating in Satellite Camp

    Correct the sec coaches seemed to like the idea of a limited range of camps which sort of sounds like what will eventually happen. I'm all for a 300-500 mile, or something similar, radius of...
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    Re: UDFA Signings

    I heard Darren lake ended up with the 49ers didn't see it In the thread
  12. Re: "Blake Barnett is coming back home to the West coast?"

  13. Re: "Blake Barnett is coming back home to the West coast?"

    This thread is kind of the definition of a rumor thread right?
  14. Re: Alabama Assistant Bo Davis leaving over inquiry into possible recruiting violatio

    Well thats pretty much the end of that.
  15. Link: Re: Tennessee JUCO Signee Jonathan Kongbo Says UT will Beat Everyone in 2016

    one for the bulletin board i guess.
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