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    Re: Zach Mettenberger quote on QB competition

    I've always enjoyed watching how the limp seems to get so much better after he is on the sidelines for a few seconds because it reminds me of that closing scene in The Usual Suspects where Kevin...
  2. Re: One Lone Action That Can Make/Break A Season- Thank You Adam Griffith

    Very good point. I've often thought about how that kick kind of got lost in the celebration of the other plays on that drive. IIRC, there was no timeout called (can't remember if we had one to take)...
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    Re: Iron Bowl 2014 - Video and Audio

    Great job and thanks for doing this! BTW, I get a kick out of watching the dude eat his nachos at the 5:57 mark on the 2nd half video. It's right after Sims' third interception and they go to a...
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    Re: How much did the Barn pay for this?

    Yeah, while watching the game I thought I saw one of our guys laying on the ground; however, the commentators never mentioned anything about it and just kept talking about Marshall. I thought that...
  5. Link: Re: Navy Seal Who Inspired "Lone Survivor" to Meet with the Team Today

    Had the honor of meeting Marcus Luttrell at a book signing here in Pensacola shortly after the book came out. I happened to be reading it at the time he passed through so it was very fresh in my...
  6. Re: Shall we refer to this play as the "Auburn Butt Fumble"

    I had the pleasure of listening to the last few minutes of the Auburn radio broadcast on my way to some friends to watch the Bama game. Stan White and the play by play guy sounded like Johnny Carson...
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    Link: Re: Go to ESPN to vote for Amari...

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    I kind of said the same thing to my dad last...

    I kind of said the same thing to my dad last night as we were discussing the press conference. I said it's either one of two things, Coach Saban is really, really frustrated with how things are going...
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    Re: Trent Richardson & Reporter Bias

    In Trent's defense, 2012 rookie season he had 950 yards rushing; that's 50 yards shy of 1,000. Had he gotten that 50 yards in the game that he missed due to injury would he still be considered a...
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    Link: Re: Vinnie Sunseri doing good with Saints.

    Sure did. That was a nice hit and Zach is not a small dude. Unfortunately, it looked like it might have rang Vinnie's bell a little because the staff was checking him out on the sidelines right...
  11. Re: Alabama VS Notre Dame -- From a Brit's Perspective - Video

    That was great! It made me think about Disney's old Goofy cartoon, "How To Play Football". :)
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    Re: Alabama Fan Hall of Shame

    Yep, the Ramp Lady! I don't know her name, but she is annoying.
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    Re: Coach Saban gets his nails painted...

    Right on! I've had so much lip gloss smeared all over my face just in the past week that it would make Boy George jealous. :eek2: I've also become quite skilled at painting those tiny nails, too. I...
  14. Outstanding! Puts things in perspective.

    Outstanding! Puts things in perspective.
  15. Re: Mandatory time between plays as a possibility with the HUNH?

    I guess I just have a personal preference issue as a fan and watching a game full of HUNH offense. This is how I have felt for a couple of years and has nothing to do with the Iron Bowl loss. It...
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