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  1. Re: Boston's top cop says no one in Boston needs rifles or shotguns

    I wonder how he got the position? Dude looks more politician than policeman. For some reason when I look at the picture dueling banjo's pops into my head.
  2. Re: Two Texas players charged with felony sexual assault

    There is something strange about this statement in the article.

    "Texas coach Charlie Strong told the Austin American-Statesman on Tuesday that both players would be suspended if they were...
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    Re: Bret Bielema takes a couple of digs at Bama

    Are you directing that at me or CBB?
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    Re: SEC Network Links and news

    I'm calling DTV and tell them I'm switching. Know a couple of people that did that and they knocked $30 a month off their bill for 12 months. I've heard others say this also but take it for what it's...
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    Re: Beggars on the corner

    I was in Vegas years back and a dude had a sign that read "I can not lie, I just want a beer". Gave him a few bucks, at least his sign was more truthful.
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    Re: Would appreciate some prayers

    Prayers man. Just remember, everyone needs someone sometime whether they agree or not. Never hesitate to call on help. NS is always here to help or maybe that's corrupt. Stay grounded and you'll be...
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    Bret Bielema takes a couple of digs at Bama

    SIAP I didn't see it. I sure hope he's confident in Arky's improvement because he is prodding the wrong team. CBB takes a shot at Bama and CLK in his interview on ESPN. You would think this gets old....
  8. Re: Microsoft slashing 18K jobs or 14% of workforce

    Well there goes an increase in my premiums again!! Wait, that didn't happen
  9. Re: Marine General James Amos openly criticizes Obama for lack of action

    I agree with the General completely but as much as I dislike our current president he is still the CIC. If he wanted to discuss that among his peers in private to me that's fine but he is still...
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    Link: Re: Bama flag flying at A&M stadium

    The guy is a blooming idiot. The flag thing is kind of funny but his post are just flat out stupid. There is no possible way he is working beams, running the crane and welding and how do you get the...
  11. Re: New Book Claims Texas Offered Coach Saban $100 Million

    Not sure how much this had to play in it but there comes a time when you are just tired of moving and are happy in one place. Along with that would be just how much money do you need to enjoy life. ...
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    Re: Coach Saban to speak...

    Look for any vehicle in the left lane going under the speed limit and it will have a Auburn sticker on it. Their not used to their tractors going that fast.
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    Re: 2014 "The Opening" Thread

    I just read an article on that Blake Barnett and Calvin Ridley just received their 5th star through Scout with their performance at the Opening.

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    Re: This is who I know we're doomed...

    Oops! :biggrin2:
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    Re: The new NC Trophy is pretty terrible.

    So I don't get this moved to NS it looks like a female body part. Hate it (trophy that is).
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