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  1. News Article: Re: Why Alabama is Encouraged About Future of QB Blake Barnett

    The 1st time I've watched it. Looks like Blake has all the tools to be special.

  2. News Article: Re: Why Alabama is Encouraged About Future of QB Blake Barnett

    Nothing brings more inconsistency in opinion than starting QB discussions. Blake needs some muscle mass, not just extra weight. I hope we have what we need to put a quality winner on the field at...
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    Re: New Position For Jeremy Johnson - Like 12th Man

    That game seems to lean heavily toward the home team most years. I would not be surprised at all to see Auburn win at home against LSU.
  4. Question: Re: Which Juniors will leave early for the NFL? Just Henry and A'Shawn So Far


    Fat fingers, texting and spell check are gonna start a nuclear war one day.:)
  5. Question: Re: Which Juniors will leave early for the NFL?

    OJ lacks a lot in his blocking. If he had played under a guy like Homer Smith when he was using the TE as a receiver more than a blocker he'd broken some records. I'd like to see a whole year of him...
  6. Re: Clemson lineman says Alabama's run defense "hasn't been tested"...

    In the early 90s, I bet on 10 college bowl games one year. Clemson kept me from going 10-0. I was even stupid enough to play them in a couple of two team turns.:mad2:

    I can't remember the tip...
  7. News Article: Re: Great Article on David Palmer and Coach Stallings

    I haven't read the story yet, but I do remember the controversy around keeping him on the team after DUIs.

    It is much different now days. I think most of the players need structure and a strong...
  8. Did you hear Mack Brown insinuate if Colt had not got hurt?

    They were discussing the Clemson matchup and how a mobile QB gave Saban teams a hard time.

    Paraphrasing he agreed and said in 09 they had that type of QB and the type game plan that could win...
  9. News Article: Re: Urban Meyer Going to Urban Meyer: Elliott to Play in Fiesta Bowl After 3 Citation

    I thought that was considered a suspended license? Can even cause a warrant to be issued in case you are pulled over and jail can be where it's sorted out.
  10. Re: Tebow states Bama gave Saban a Mercedes dealership on ESPN

    I told a buddy of mine two days ago Tebow was a poor commentator and his glory days are behind him.

    I agree, it's time for him to grow up. He does seem to need a life partner or wife.
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    Re: I like the stability at Bama

    Kirby got the best o line coach in my opinion when he poached the Arkansas guy.
  12. Re: CBS Sports Writer Dennis Dodds: Sooners to Defeat Tide for Title

    My dream would be for every sports analyst to pick us to lose big to each and every team we play. I know once the game starts that stuff goes out the window, but I want our guys preparing like they...
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    Re: Why is OJ not being used?

    I remember how we used to try and get Howard Cross an easy catch early in games. He was a much better blocker than OJ so he made the pros on that alone. He eventually made a good TE that could block...
  14. Re: And It Starts (Alabama Cannot Defend The Pass)

    I believe our players will take Michigan State very seriously. They better, especially after last year. I'm sure Michigan State has 11 very good players on each side of the ball. That is all you can...
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    Re: Top 10 Most Watched SEC Games

    Careful, you're gonna sound like a Texas fan...:)
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