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    News Article: Re: Why Bama won't 3-peat

    I voted me an optimist.
  2. Re: "Bart Starr OK after collapsing after speech in Wisconsin"

    Wow, I hope he is OK, A good friend of mine is the pilot on the plane he took there this weekend. I'll see what he has to say.
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    Re: Would Spurrier do as well at UF now?

    YEP !!
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    Re: Arky going all Red-out on us...

    Black out + White out + Red out = Blow out
  5. Re: Bama at the bottom of returning touchdown makers

    On the bright side, all the other SEC teams score all their touchdowns on teams other than Alabama.

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    Re: The fax cam returns (non-UA)

    By the way guys, she was wearing a football mouth piece, that's why it looked like she had giant gums and toddler teeth.
  7. Re: ESPN Documentary: "The Play That Changed College Football."

    I was about 30 rows up in the endzone straight in front of the interception, As soon as he released the ball I could see it was going to be a pick, and Langham ran it straight back to us, the place...
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    Question: Re: Is this the best D in memory?

    IMO, At this point in the season, I have never seen any defense like this one. They absolutely control every aspect of every play. "complete" is the term I would use if asked to define them in one...
  9. Re: Welcome!

    My inlaws are both Florida alumni in 1991 they yook my wife and I to the Bama, Fla. game at the swamp. My father in law is a season ticket holder and has box seats, you can imagine how that went...
  10. Re: Today's Question: What's the worst injury you've ever sustained?

    17 broken bones, all but 4 at different times. never had a scratched cornea, but did get an eye full of Dry mortar once, would have gladly taken 2 or 3 more broken bones. Thankfully none in 25 years,...
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    Re: Babysitters Gone Wild

    You think she would be available to babysit a 46 year old?.................just askin'....
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    Re: Maryland Breaks Out New Uniforms

    Those are ridiculous.
  13. Re: Ok...I've Moaned and Complained Enough. So Does Bama Have A Shot In The N.I.T.?

  14. Re: Saban discusses Barrons arrest and Robby Greens NEW suspension

    I have full confidence in CNS to mete out punishment with wisdom.......after all Nick Saban is no Jim Tressel...Or Bruce Pearl, for that matter.

    ROLL TIDE !!
  15. Re: What's the dumbest question you've ever heard asked?

    A few years ago on a hunting trip, a buddy and I were driving to our hunting cabin. Two days before we had gone off daylight savings time back to standard time. We had discussed how we like hunting...
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